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How to Incorporate a Company in Germany

A guide for how to open/form/incorporate a company in Germany and a list of notaries that can help.

What’s in the Penta Bank Account? 🤔

After interviewing over 100 businesses in Europe to understand their pains with banking, we’ve decided to include the following products in the coming months.

Why we Started Startup of the Week 🤔

One of our primary goals at Penta is to help businesses succeed—beyond the bank account. Here’s how we’re keeping that vision alive.

Interview with Nigel Verdon, CEO & Co-founder of RailsBank

In our first Startup of the Week, i had the pleasure to sit down with Nigel Verdon, CEO and Co-Founder of RailsBank and former CEO and Founder of Currencycloud.

12 Things You Wanted to Know About Penta

Today, we want to share the 12 most frequently asked questions — and of course answers — which should give you a better understanding of what Penta can do for you.

Addleshaw Goddard & Penta Partner 🎉🎊

FinTech and banking in general is a regulatory and legal heavy business. We needed a partner that was going to empower us in achieving our mission 🚀.

solarisBank & Penta Partnership 🎉🎊

When we started Penta, we thought finding a banking partner was going to be easy. There are so many of them! We learned otherwise.

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