Addleshaw Goddard & Penta Partner 🎉🎊

March 17, 2017

FinTech and banking in general is a regulatory and legal heavy business.

We needed a partner that was going to empower us in achieving our mission 🚀. We needed a partner who was going to work with us on a frequent basis so that we could overcome the legal and regulatory obstacles that come our way today and in the future. Most importantly, we needed a partner that was going to support our goal of empowering businesses.

We’re very proud to announce that that partner has chosen us 😃. We have been accepted to Addleshaw Goddard’s AG Elevate Fintech Law Programme of Legal Advice. The AG Elevate programme is a fast track 12 month programme for select FinTech companies designed to accelerate them through Fintech legal challenges.

During the years to come we’ll be supported by one of the strongest and most experienced law firms in Europe to help us tackle various legal and compliance challenges along the way. And anyone in FinTech will tell you — banking has a lot of legal and compliance challenges.

A big thank you to our friends at AG for believing in us and for investing their time and resources in helping us empower businesses through Penta.

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