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22 May 2018

Penta’s Open Product Roadmap


Ever since we started Penta, our goal has been to build Penta with founders and business owners. Because building things in the dark just doesn’t work.

And anyways, we’re building Penta for you!

Inspired by startups like Buffer and Monzo, we want to keep our customers aware of what we’re working on so that we end up building things that you want and that make your life as a business owner easier. Most importantly, we want you to help us decide on what we should build.

So in order to keep our current and future customers aware of what we’re building and when it’s coming out, we’ve decided to publish the Penta Open Product Roadmap on Trello.

In the Penta Open Product Roadmap, you’ll see some of the features that we’re working on in the coming months. Have an idea (even a crazy one)? Send us an email at and we’ll add it to the board!

So here it is!

Don’t be shy ☺️ ! Give us feedback and tell us what you think! 🤔 💭

Until next time,



Co-founder, Head of Growth