Penta's Open Startup Reading List! 
29 May 2018

Penta’s Open Startup Reading List! 


In the same way we recently released the Penta Open Product Roadmap, today we’re releasing something that we want you to build as well. The Penta Open Reading List!

This list aggregates the best books and articles on everything business. From UX, to crypto to website testing and everything in between this excel file puts together some of the content on and off the internet.

This list is made up of articles that our team from Penta as well as people from outside of Penta have sent us.
So don’t be shy… Send us a book or an article that you think we may be missing.

Happy reading! Click here to view the list. 

If you want to add a book or an article, write us at and we’ll gladly update the file with your name.

Speak soon,