What’s in the Penta Bank Account? 🤔

jessica holzbach
July 17, 2017

After interviewing over 100 businesses to understand their pains with business banking, we’ve decided to include the following products in our first product version to help make your life easier as a business owner:

Automated Accounting 😍

No more long accounting nights.

Automate your accounting with every transaction sent or received.

Simple export a CSV file and send it to your accountant.

And… you’re done!

Low-Cost International Transfers 🚀

No more high-fees for sending money abroad in different currencies!

With Penta you can send money in different currencies from 0.5%.

Cash-flow Management 🙏

Where can I save money? Where am I making the most money? Am I losing money?

We’re integrating the most powerful cash-flow management product to help you understand your cash-flow.

And… More! 🤠

We’re constantly looking to add more products from our partners and developer community that will make your business banking easier.

Have a recommendation? Hit “reply” and we’ll put it in our backlog!

Until next time :)



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jessica holzbach
Head of Customer Relations

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