Why we Started Startup of the Week 🤔

Luka ivicevic
July 10, 2017

One of our primary goals at Penta is to help businesses succeed—beyond the bank account.

From helping you understand how to get funding, to tips and tricks on how to build and run a startup, our team is motivated by that one overarching goal: seeing your team scale.

While we were at Startupbootcamp’s Fintech accelerator last year, we were very lucky to have been exposed to successful entrepreneurs, executives in our industry and investors that were there to support us and give us the advice we needed in order to build a business that can grow and a product that people will love.

After graduating from SBC, we thought about how much the programme and network would benefit the startup community that wasn’t in SBC or in any other programme.

So our team started organizing Meetups to help bring the contacts, investors and lessons learned that SBC provides to the startup community in Berlin.

Now, we’re taking that goal to another level.

We’re very excited to announce the beginning of our Startup of the Week interviews with experienced founders and entrepreneurs who share their story so that you can benefit from their experiences when building your own startup.

Our first interview was with our friend Nigel Verdon, CEO and co-founder of Railsbank. Nigel spoke with us about his experience starting both Currencycloud and Railsbank, some of the problems that both companies wanted to solve and what it’s like running a B2B fintech business.

In the coming weeks, there will be more interviews to come from great entrepreneurs from different industries and experiences that hopefully help the startup community learn from the best.

Until next time,

luka ivicevic
Head of Growth

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