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Penta puts banking, budgeting, and bookkeeping at your fingertips.

  • Apply in 15 minutes and start banking within 48 hours
  • Connect DATEV & other bookkeeping tools
  • Issue company cards with individual spending limits
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50,000+ businesses bank on Penta

Why Penta?


Flexible pricing tiers, add-ons, and multi-user management


Through reduction measures and offsetting projects


We support all German legal forms


Make payments & manage expenses as a team

Give everyone their own card

Allow teams and employees to spend more efficiently without having to worry about reimbursements.

Track spending in real-time

See who’s spending how much and where, so you can keep budgets in check and make adjustments on the fly.

Add users with individual permissions

Share account access and set spending limits so everyone can bank from their personal device.

Stay organised 24/7

Create budgets, assign categories, and add notes to transactions. Easily find what you need with spotlight search.


Save time on tax admin

Connect your bookkeeping software

Automatically sync account activity so your books are in order when tax time comes.

Separate your tax money

Avoid end-of-year-surprises and know what’s yours by putting aside tax money with subaccounts.

Add receipts on the go

Scan and upload paper receipts with your phone and add accounting notes to digital receipts.

File taxes easier than ever before

Export your financial data or invite your accountant to work directly from your account.

Supported bookkeeping integrations


Climate-neutral banking

  • Climate-neutral since 2020
  • Achieved through internal reduction measures and the support of certified climate protection projects
  • 10% less emissions per year
  • 100% renewable energy at our Berlin office

See what our customers are saying – from solopreneurs to CEOs

“Thanks Penta for simplifying corporate banking for us! We switched recently and really love the design and UX.”

“Penta vs traditional banks? No bureaucracy, better look and feel. Penta really focuses on building the features useful for our business.”

Start banking within 48 hours

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