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Our Story

Penta started out of a deep frustration. Most of Penta founders and employees had startups in the past and we all had difficult relationships with our former banks because of various reasons. Sometimes we were too small and too insignificant for the bank, sometimes the bank could not (or did not want to) meet our specific business needs. On top of that, all the banks we worked with lacked innovation and good customer support.

After speaking to a large group of entrepreneurs we realized that others faced exactly the same problems with the banks that we had. 

What we also found was that despite the fact everyone was frustrated with their banking experience, they still had to stay with their bank as they saw no alternative. This truly reflected the intimidating power of legacy banks and how established they felt being unthreatened for decades.

We believe that this has to change and that businesses shouldn’t have to accept mediocre service. This is why we created Penta. Penta is a offering designed for small & medium sized companies and startups that want to get an ultimate banking experience. Do you feel like you are neglected by your bank? Go Penta.

Our Values


Our products will always be simple and intuitive to use. Simplicity, to us, is the best way to provide value and make it accessible.


We always treat all our customers, partners and employees with high respect and professionalism. We believe all of them are key to our success.


For us, transparency is more than just a word. It will always be reflected in our product, communication, and pricing.


We want to help customers spend their time efficiently. This means spending less time on banking and operations and more - on their business.

Our Mission

We want to revolutionize business banking in Germany and Europe giving our customers the attention they deserve and the features that truly address their needs. Our goal is to help our customers focus more on their business spending less time on banking.

To achieve this, we have built an intuitive and user-friendly interface within an account that is fully customizable to each business’s needs. No more one size fits all. At Penta, our customers are in the driver's seat and they determine our product features and influence our roadmap.

Who we are



Lav is a true leader in seeing big picture and at the same time being hands on when it comes to ensuring efficiency and implementing of effective processes.

As an ex-Manager of Operations at Siemens and a serial founder, he brings the necessary expertise from both worlds: the professionalism  of a corporate manager and the agility of a founder.



Luka is our visionary and the driving force behind Penta. As a restless entrepreneur it bothers him when things seem complicated or unsolvable. He always finds a way to make things simple.

He is a passionate writer and a contributor to the NY Observer. Luka leads PR & Growth initiatives at Penta.

Sir Gabriel

User Experience

Sir is the creative mind behind Penta. Sir transforms the features we are developing making them beautiful, easy to use and impactful in a unique way.

Prior to joining Penta, Sir grew a technology startup to over 200 thousand users and managed over 60 developers.


Customer happiness

Jessica always has an open ear for our customers and aims to put a smile on their faces.

As a founder and a former management consultant, she has supervised various customer support projects for banks and insurance companies.

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