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Penta Affiliate Program

Grow with us promoting the business banking of tomorrow. We are always looking for the new partnership opportunities.

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Benefits of our affiliate program

Why Penta

10,000+ businesses in Germany use Penta
Penta now opens 2.5% of all new business accounts in Germany
Innovative and fast-moving banking product with unique functionality
Businesses love using Penta
10+ million raised in less than 1 year

Fees & earnings

350+ affiliate partners in Germany
Choose the commission model that suits you best: per lead, per sale, per lead & per sale
Commissions negotiated individually based on the package
Robust information package with a wide variety of visual assets
Fast affiliate program support

How to join the affiliate program

Apply to become a part of the affiliate program here.
We will get in touch with you to discuss the conditions of the partnership.
Get your affiliate link, affiliate system login, and all the necessary materials.

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