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10,000 companies are now using Penta!

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein September 2019 3 min

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We are very excited to share that we have hit the milestone of 10k companies that are now using Penta!

So, as usually… time to party? Not yet. 

As we announced in occasion of our latest €8M funding round with HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, our mission is to redefine banking in Europe, building the easiest, most accessible and tailor made business banking platform any SME or startup CEO could imagine. 

So even after reaching 10,000 companies that are now trusting and loving Penta… we still have a long way to go! 

And that is why we will never stop listening to our customers. 

We will never stop talking with them daily on our Slack community, through emails, phone calls or in person during a Penta meetup. 

During our last meetup in Berlin, I had the pleasure to speak with many clients and I still remember a phrase that made my day: 

In my experience, banks have always been difficult to deal with. They are difficult to approach and they do not listen to your feedback on their services. With Penta, it’s a completely different story.

And that’s exactly the banking we want to build. That’s who we are. 

So thank you to all the 10,000 companies and entrepreneurs that chose us and are now trusting and supporting Penta. Thank you to all the investors, partners and the talented team members that are working every day to make Penta as our customers dream it to be – it has been an incredible journey so far.

With that said, there’s always more to come, so don’t forget to follow us on our next adventures:

Next Features

You can always see what we are working through our Open Product Roadmap (now with a brand new style). And don’t forget to request or comment a new feature!

We’re Hiring

If everything you read in this blogpost sounds exciting to you and you feel ready to revolutionize business banking with us, check our job openings and start your career in Penta.

Something New is Coming…

As you already know, October will be the month of our first step to internationalization (Italy here we come!) but it will be a special month for Germany as well, as we are ready to say #ByeBye to… who knows? Stay tuned on our LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to discover it. 

Meanwhile, don’t forget to celebrate with us on social media showing your love for Penta and using the #Penta10k hashtag.

Thank you again for your trust! 

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