10lift Keeps Penta Team Active and Engaged While Planting Trees

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The people in a company are the greatest drivers of an inspiring corporate culture and fill all values with life. And this team of employees can only develop their full potential if the workplace ensures the well-being of all members. Especially in times when teams can only interact and communicate virtually, new digital solutions need to be found to increase the sense of belonging and well-being of each individual. The team at Penta has been receiving professional support from 10lift since February. The goal of the young company is to contribute to a lovable team culture through engagement and well-being in companies by using digital solutions

10lift Brings Teams Together and Into Sportswear

Penta and 10lift have a special bond: 10lift is one of our customers at Penta, and our team is one of 10lift’s first customers. The 10lift team is making a huge contribution to improving the mental and physical health of our team members. With the digital platform and a dedicated Slack channel, our colleagues come together and get active. 

The basic idea behind 10lift is simple: Corporate teams simply sign up digitally for 10lift. There is no need for cumbersome onboarding—just plug & play!

  • The fitness bot and a personal engagement coach from 10lift track all athletic activities that a member from the Penta Team does and give an update in the Slack channel. 
  • Every day, the engagement coach evaluates the activities and awards the most active team members with the most activity points. Since hard work should also be rewarded, the top 3 receive some rewards such as fruit baskets or plants for a beautiful home office. 
  • As a team, Penta competes in various team challenges and milestones and competes against other companies at 10lift. 
  • Exclusive live workouts are scheduled daily with engagement coaches who give virtual training sessions—during lunch breaks or for a quick coffee break. 
  • Depending on how many points the Penta Team has collected, trees will be planted in Mexico by Plant-for-the-Planet. 

Passionate Runners and Workout Enthusiasts in the Penta Team

Using 10lift’s Slack channel, the Penta Team can choose from a variety of activities that have been mastered. These include meditations, runs, walks, yoga, stretching, workouts, variations and biking. Points are awarded for units, minutes or kilometers depending on the level of difficulty. 

So far, the Penta Team members have collected the most points through walks—lunch breaks are ideal for that. But jogging and workouts also make up a large part of the activity points earned in the team.

In a Slack channel, team members are also eagerly nominated by colleagues to get active within 24 hours—earning extra points for both sides: A nice way to remind your colleagues to use their lunch break for getting some fresh air or a relaxing meditation at home. 

163 Trees Were Planted Within 2 Months by the Athletic Ambition of the Penta Team

To reward the Penta Team’s effort and motivate them to reach new goals, 10lift plants trees in Mexico in collaboration with Plant-for-the-Planet for a certain number of activity points. Within 2 months Penta was able to plant 163 trees—the Penta forest is growing fast.

With this concept, 10lift combines the health of employees with a committed team culture, while also making a positive contribution to the environment. This concept has convinced the Penta Team, who diligently do their exercises. 

From the Idea to the Founding: The Personal Mission of 10lift

Ege Gündüz is the founder and CEO of 10lift and started his company recently at the beginning of this year. Ege was soon joined by Kerem Ali Kaynak, and they have been growing 10lift together. In addition to the dynamic start, in just a few weeks Ege and Kerem has succeeded in winning over many companies, primarily in Germany, who also want to help their teams achieve top athletic performance and an increased sense of well-being in their corporate culture.

It took 10lift exactly 4 months from the idea to the product launch. Ege tells us that his mentors and angel investors in particular have supported him along the way. The biggest challenge he faces in his company is learning from the changing needs of teams and trying to build a great product in parallel. Ege says that especially being a young founder in the B2B space has a steep learning curve and brings some challenges with it as well.

Ege also has some good advice for founders: “I’m really early in this journey to really give any advice, however one thing I think we do well is our product orientation. Every member in our team thinks about the product and contributes to the product in one way or another. We call this “backward thinking”. We try to link every business function back to the product and urge thinking about how they could use the product to support their function’s goals. From this backward thinking comes really cool & crazy ideas that we plan to implement in our roadmap ahead. To achieve this, in a product led company, the company culture has to be 100% transparent, inclusive & inviting of opinions.

With Kerem and I, one of our main learnings is to focus on company culture as early as possible to create a great environment where ideas can cherish and our team reach their full potential. A great team culture should not be a bi-product of success, but it should be the foundation of it.”

Penta was able to support the team at 10lift with fast digital account opening and DATEV integration. As Penta Team, we are proud to have 10lift on board as a customer and can’t wait to follow them on their future journey. 

And meanwhile, our Penta Team is running and training and planting many more trees for the Penta forest and shaping an inclusive and engaging company culture

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