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15 Tips to Help Your Startup Succeed

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein August 2019 6 min

Table of contents

1. Have a Product or Service Which Solves a Problem

women holding up a wrapped present.

This is probably the most important place to start. Your startup needs to sell a product or service which provides value to consumers and solves a problem of theirs. Keep the needs of your target audience in mind so you can constantly adapt and improve your startup’s value to the world.

2. Have Clear Goals, Ethics & a Long-Term Mentality

Once you have a great startup idea and are ready to ready to open your doors for business, having a clear vision and goals will be important. Decide what your goals and company ethics are

These will be the foundation of what your business is and where you want to go. Don’t expect your dreams to come true right away, though. If you are committed to your startup for the long-term, you won’t quit before you finally reach your potential.

3. Hire a Team that Shares Your Vision

A sports team putting their hands together.

Much of your startup’s potential depends on how well you and your team align and collaborate. If you have ever applied to a company who was more concerned with who you are rather than your qualifications, this may have been the reason why.

A group of employees who share the same vision and goals for the business is much more effective than those who simply want their paycheck at the end of the month.

4. Establish Structure and Consistency

Whether you have a group of employees working remotely, work by yourself, or a locally-based team, it is important to develop structure and consistency. Many people need structure and stability to keep their sanity at work.

Have a routine and set of rules that you can always fall back on. Develop a routine so that both you and your employees always know what to expect while working.

5. Lead By Example and With Conviction

View of a boss seated with her employees and working with them

One of the best ways to be an effective leader is to hold yourself accountable to your own rules and company morals. Be the first one to call out your own mistakes as you would with your employees. Treat the feedback and opinions of your employees with respect.

6. Treat Contracts and Paperwork with Proper Respect

Paperwork and contracts can either make or break your startup. This is where all your words will hold legal weight. It is common for startups to not give contracts and paperwork the respect they deserve. Make sure each agreement you make is put down on a formal contract.

7. Create a Clear Roadmap To Success

View of a monthly planner with goals for the month.

Having a dream of success is just that; a dream. Without connecting this dream to reality and knowing the exact steps that will lead to your dream, you will have a much harder time getting there. Have a step-by-step plan that you will lead to your startup’s success and let nothing get in the way of them.

8. Don’t Be Hindered by New Competitors

Many people enter into the startup world with an original and unique business idea, only to watch other startups enter the same industry. Many people might be distressed by this. In reality, this is a sign that your company is on the right path and that there is potential in your industry.

9. Plan & Prepare for Success

man prepared for the day and commuting to work

Once you have a valuable product or service and a clear roadmap towards success, it’s time to start getting ready for your end-goal. Keep this goal in mind every day so that you will be ready to act when you finally reach it. More than likely, you will reach success only to find yourself with bigger goals and dreams. Be ready for this. 

10. Become an Authority in Your Industry

Much of a startup’s success depends on the reputation of its leaders and whether or not they are widely seen as an expert in their industry. To reach this point, speak at public events in your industry, run PR campaigns, and find ways to make your voice heard in a positive manner throughout your industry.

11. Consistently Create New Content

Three men recording a podcast for their business

In 2019, the term “content is king” still applies and holds true for startups. This is also a great way to establish yourself an authority in your industry. Publish informative articles on your website, secure guest posts on other websites. Create podcasts, make a YouTube channel or even do a combination of each of these ideas.

Come up with a content strategy that best fits your startup. This is one of the absolute best ways to reach new customers. It will also increase the reach of your startup and make it easy for potential customers to understand what your startup stands for.

12. Network and Make Valuable Relationships

Trust and loyalty are two very important things to have in the business world. Whether it be from your team, your customers, or other influencers in your industry. Always find ways to network and

Know the power of your words and actions. That way, you will always find yourself with contacts you can trust and depend on for something, and vice versa. Valuable relationships require commitment, trust, loyalty, and generosity from both parties.

13. Learn to Negotiate

two people shaking hands after reaching an agreement

The business world isn’t a place full of people eagerly waiting to give you what you want. In reality, you will always face road bumps and new problems which you never considered or even planned for.

This is especially true for business agreements. Know what your needs are. Keep your eyes on your finances. Don’t make deals you can’t afford. Have the confidence to request for lower rates.

You should also have reliable tools at your disposal for handling your finances. A Penta Business Account is a great way to deal with bureaucracy, monitor expenses in real-time, handle invoices, and receive the financial assistance you need for making informed deals.

14. Embrace Small Failures

You will have a hard time finding a success story which doesn’t include some sort of failure along the way. First, understand that failures and hiccups will come. The fact they happen isn’t important. What is important is how you react to them.

Be ready for failures and problems. When they come, treat them as learning experiences. Try to determine why they happened, what you can learn from them, and how to avoid them from happening again.

Many people will experience a small failure and immediately blame themselves. Or, even worse, give up on their dreams because of a failure. Embrace failure and learn from it. 

15. Find Beauty in the Journey!

Woman enjoying the present moment

Life is too short to get caught up in stress and anxiety. If you made it this far, you are a champion. You took a risk that many others would never contemplate. You are a startup owner.

Now that you made it here, enjoy each step of your path towards success. Do your best to enjoy your current position, even during times where stress and anxiety try to take over. Stay rooted in your dreams and enjoy all the aspects of your journey towards reaching them.

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