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3 Important Things for the Success of your Startup

Oliver September 2019 5 min

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Before you get ready to launch your new startup it’s important to be in touch with all the top factors which can make or break your future success. And remember: it is always a little risky to launch a startup.

Here are Penta, we understand the stress and difficulties that can come with taking the risk of starting your own startup. That’s why, after witnessing countless success stories and failures alike, we have come up with 3 factors which consistenly make or break the success potential for a new startup.

First Things First: Set Yourself Up to Suceed

Before you even press go on your new idea, you need to make sure your new startup will be set up for success in the first place. There is a difference between a calculated risk and one that is destined to result in failure.

Part of having a successful startup means that you have the team and finances ready. Make sure that you will be able to handle all the human labor that is required, and that you can afford to keep investing for a long time until you get returns in the long run.

Penta was created to reduce the time you spend handling bureacracy and filtering through stacks of papers. With a Free Penta Business Account, you can go competely paperless and receive lots of special benefits made just for startup owners.

3 Most Important Factors To Launch a Successful Startup

Whether it’s your first experience launching a new startup, or you are looking for some ideas to help your current startup, we are here to help. Let’s go ahead and look at the 3 most important factors for launching a successful startup.

1. Know Your Market

More than likely, you won’t be the first startup in your niche to pop up offering the product or service you have. Even if you are sure that you have the best and most unique business idea in your niche, it’s important to stay in touch with the dynamics of your market.

This is important for several reasons. Startups which are actively involved and up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in their niche are much more likely to establish themselves as an authority.

Finally, the average consumer is pretty smart. People have a sense if a company is truly authentic and that they know their niche. When you are compeltely up-to-date with all the latest trends and dynamics in your market, it is completely obvious.

2. Establish Clear Goals & A Roadmap To Reaching Them

You simply shouldn’t expect for success to come without any sort of plan or effort. To be realistic, you should have a plan which clearly lists concise steps towards building your business and income.

Let’s imagine you have a complete knockout product. It’s something which people immediately get interested in and want to buy. The biggest problem that you have when it comes time to open your doors is finding enough sales. Your startup quickly fails because your production and running costs are too expensive. You weren’t able to generate a profit and ran out of money to invest.

This is a great example of a startup that could have spent a little more time developing a marketing plan. If this startup had spent more time coming up with a plan for selling the products, and not just the product itself, it probably could have been successful.

3. Watch Your Numbers

3 Important Things for the Success of your Startup - Penta Business Banking

The financial aspect of running a startup may not be the most exhilerating task for you. However, this is clearly something which you cannot take lightly. After all, you are in this to make some money and create a successful startup.

Know your expense budget and make sure you follow it religiously. Keep your budget balanced at the end of each month, track your profits, set aside funds for future investments and taxes, and so on.

It is common for inexperienced startup owners to take financial matters lightly. All the positivity in the world won’t matter if you aren’t responsible. Be responsible. Make sure you always put your finances first so you can follow your roadmap to success.

Need Some Help Managing Your Startup Finances?

As we have mentioned, one of the most crucial aspects for making sure your startup can succeed is to have your finances in check. This can also be something which is entirely too difficult.

If you want to avoid dealing with traditional banks that may give you unecessary fees, letters in the mail, and too much bureacracy, you should consider working with a smaller startup-based financial institution like Penta.

Here are some of our features which are popular among startups:

In any case, understand that creating a successful startup is something which isn’t done overnight. If you are able to master your niche and become an authority, have a consise roadmap to success, and keep all your finances in check you will have a great shot at success.

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