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Google’s answer to Apple Pay is Google Pay: the simple online payment method works wherever contactless payments are accepted via smartphone. You can pay both – at local retail stores at checkouts using the Google Pay App, or online from your PC at online stores that accept Google Pay. Google Pay also allows you to collect reward cards in your digital wallet, the Google Wallet. You can collect additional bonus points when paying via Google Pay. The mobile payment service for Android smartphones and Smartwatches has been available in Germany since 2018 and more and more banks and financial service providers are offering their customers the use of Google Pay. At Penta we also offer you to use Google Pay with your VISA card!

Simple Setup of Google Pay

To use Google Pay, you simply have to deposit a card in the Google Pay App. Basically, you can use all major credit cards and even debit cards or prepaid cards. The banks decide if and by which card the use of Google Pay is possible. According to Google, 25 banks and financial service providers currently support Google Pay. At Penta you can use this payment service with your VISA card. We offer you the possibility to order company debit cards for each of your employees.

This is how you connect your VISA card from Penta with Google Pay:

  1. Download the Google Pay App to your Android smartphone.
  2. Open Google Pay, log in with your Google Account, follow the instructions and deposit your VISA card.
  3. Your Penta card is now linked to Google Pay!

In the Google Pay App or via the Google Pay website, you deposit your card data in your Google Account. All purchases that you pay for now via Google Pay will be charged to your stored card. If you don’t have a credit or debit card, you can alternatively link a PayPal account to the payment service. Bookings are then made via a current account stored there.

Contactless Payment for Fast and Easy Shopping

Contactless payment with Google Pay is not only very easy – it also saves you a lot of time. To pay, simply hold your smartphone up to the checkout terminal. You no longer need to enter a PIN or sign an additional signature. Long queues at cash registers will hopefully soon be a thing of the past. The technology behind it is called NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC is an international transmission standard that allows data to be exchanged over short distances by wireless technology. To use Google Pay, your smartphone and the POS system must be NFC-capable. All Android smartphones equipped with an NFC chip and running on the mobile Android operating system Lollipop 5.0 are supported. Additionally, your smartphone must support HCE (Host Card Emulation), a technology for virtualizing smart cards in NFC-based mobile payment systems.

Smartphone: Your Permanent Companion

Whether for business or personal use, the smartphone is used everywhere today and follows us on all our journeys. Through numerous communication channels and social networks we stay in touch with our loved ones, business partners or customers even when we are on the road. We carry out our banking transactions online in banking apps on our smartphones. So why not leave your wallet at home and pay with your smartphone? Coins are not only heavy: If you lose your cash, it’s gone forever. If you lose your bank cards, third parties can charge your card at least up to 50 Euro. You have your smartphone with you anyway. And if you lose it, you can search for it remotely, lock it or delete the content stored on it.

Security for Contactless Payment

Contactless payment via mobile payment apps is considered particularly secure. In times of the Corona pandemic, they are considered a hygienic alternative to cash and payment cards requiring PIN entry. However, they not only protect your health, but also your data, of course. 

Google Pay, for example, protects your data on several levels:

  • Your smartphone or Smartwatch must be unlocked by PIN entry or fingerprint for payments over 25 Euro. So if you lose your smartphone, you’re protected against high financial losses.
  • If you lose your smartphone, you can search for it remotely, lock it or delete the content stored on it.
  • Your card number is not stored on your phone. Instead, an encrypted virtual account number is used for your transactions.
  • Google Pay does not share card information with merchants. The data required for the payment process is transmitted in encrypted form and remains with Google only. Google then debits the corresponding amount from your deposited card or PayPal account and transfers it to the seller.
  • Google Pay will ask you to confirm your identity in the event of suspicious transactions, to verify linked accounts, or to comply with legal requirements.

No Additional Costs and Transaction Fees

For card payments there are no additional costs for you as a user. Accordingly, you will not incur any additional costs when paying with mobile payment apps. You can download the Google Pay App for free from the Google Play Store. The fees for paying with the registered card are paid by the retailer, who usually includes these costs in their pricing.

Retailers Can Easily Integrate Google Pay: Online and Offline

Retailers who would like to offer Google Pay as an online payment method to their customers will receive assistance from Google to add Google Pay to their existing payment processing options. Through an interface, the Google Pay API, they can integrate Google Pay into their apps and websites to make it easier and more secure for customers to make payments. Google works with leading payment processors to make it as easy as possible for merchants to integrate Google Pay.

Customers then pay with their payment information stored in their Google Account. With just one click, customers can complete their purchase and avoid abandonment due to numerous redirections or lengthy data entry. For added security, the required customer, shipping, or payment information is delivered to merchants using end-to-end encryption only.

Anyone who wants to accept Google Pay as a contactless payment method in their local store needs an NFC-compatible POS terminal. At the point of sale, customers then simply hold their smartphone near the terminal to pay for their purchases quickly, conveniently and securely.

Pay Contactless everywhere and at any time

Many retailers accept mobile payment as a payment option. With Google Pay you can pay for purchases in shops and supermarkets such as Aldi, EDEKA, Lidl, Kaufland or REWE, where contactless payment is accepted. You can also shop online in some apps and on websites. Some of the participating apps and websites include adidas, airbnb, Lieferando, Moia and Ryanair. You can find a complete overview on Google.

Cooperation between Penta and VISA

Since March 2020, new Penta customers receive a VISA card with their business account. Customers who previously used a MasterCard can simply close their current MasterCard and order a new VISA card in their Penta account. Link your Penta business cards with Google Pay now and get all the benefits!

Are you still looking for a modern online business account that allows you to use your VISA card via Google Pay? Find the best offer for you and your company now.

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