The Best New Customer Acquisition Strategies Using LinkedIn and Google

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What Is Customer Acquisition & Why is It So Important?

Whether large or small, business owners are almost always actively seeking new customers. Customer acquisition is a term to describe the process which takes place while businesses actively seek and persuade people to purchase their service or product. Businesses should always be trying out new customer acquisition strategies to generate more business.

Since this process isn’t always that easy to handle, many businesses constantly seek out and try new customer acquisition strategies and techniques. If you care about the future success of your business, you should too.

New Customer Acquisition Strategies Using LinkedIn and Google

Two of the best and most popular platforms for finding new customers are LinkedIn and Google. With the right background knowledge and techniques, consistent new customer acquisition is very simple using both of these websites.

Comparing Google vs. LinkedIn for Finding Clients

Before we explore the best new customer acquisition strategies on these two giant platforms, you should find out which platform best suits your business. Businesses either seek to sell B2B (business to business) or B2C (business to customer) products or services.

If you want to sell your product or service to another business (B2B), then LinkedIn is usually the best place for you to start. Business seeking sell to everyday average consumers (B2C) tend to have the best success using Google.

LinkedIn Customer Acquisition Strategies

new customer acquisitions strategies using LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been seen by many in the professional world as the best way to network with other people in your industry. This is also the largest social network for professionals with over 230 million active users from 200 countries.

Here are the best customer acquisition strategies for you to use on LinkedIn:

1. Keeping Your Profile Updated

LinkedIn is often used by people as an online resume. If you want to avoid using that boring old-fashioned resume you have sitting around on your hard drive, you might instead just make the full switch to LinkedIn.

All aspects of your work history, skills, and personal data can be easily put onto your LinkedIn profile. Your resume can be pulled up at any time by anybody who searches for you. For this reason, this is a very efficient way to market yourself to prospective clients.

2. Networking with Potential Clients

LinkedIn is a great tool for professional networking since this is a social network which was made with this purpose in mind. This makes it a great tool for B2B companies to connect with new clients.

If you have at least one customer who uses LinkedIn, start by navigating to their profile. On the right side of their profile, there should be a “People Also Viewed” section. The group of people here have been determined by the algorithms to be similar to your customer. Connect with them, you never know if they will turn into a customer!

3. Using the Sales Navigator

The previous example is completely free for you to try, but may not be as efficient as you might have hoped. If you want to connect with many more potential clients in less time, then the LinkedIn Sales Navigator will be a great tool for you to try.

Although you will need to pay a subscription fee to use the Sales Navigator, it will help you build relationships with new clients much more quickly than you could on your own.

4. Subscribing to LinkedIn Premium

Using LinkedIn Premium is one of those game-changer new customer acquisition strategies. Especially for those who have already witnessed the potential of using LinkedIn.

As you may have noticed, LinkedIn limits the number of profiles that you can see, the information you can see, and your ability to contact people who you are not connected with on LinkedIn.

Google Customer Acquisition Strategies

new customer acquisitions strategies using Google

Google is the world’s largest search engine and a powerhouse of new customer acquisition strategies. After all, this is where many of your organic customers will go before they find you.

In order to best use google for customer acquisition, you need to play by their rules. Here are the strategies that businesses use to find new clients using Google. 

1. SEO & Organic Search Engine Indexing

The vast majority of businesses these days have an online presence. This may be a website, social media profiles, or even better, both. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the absolute best way to make the most out of your online presence and turn it into consistent organic leads.

There are many different aspects involved in optimizing your website for search engines like Google. From the keywords, you use in your post, to the quality of your website itself. If you are new to SEO, then this is something which you need to read up on in order to boost your customer acquisition rates.

2. Generating Consistent Content in Your Niche

Putting all the many different SEO-strategies that exist aside, one of the absolute best ways to take advantage of Google and use it to your benefit is to constantly create informative and valuable content.

Start by doing some keyword research in order to find the terms that your potential customers are typing into Google. Then, create high-quality informative content which is relevant to those keywords.

Even if a small percentage of your content gets a top 10 ranking, it will still be sizeable enough for receiving plenty of new clients. Especially if you go all out and make lots of valuable content for Google to use.

3. Connecting Google Analytics & Google Search Console

If you want your new customer acquisition strategies on Google to have the most data, and be completely aligned with the system in place over at Google, using both Google Analytics and Google Search Console will be a necessity. 

Both of these tools require a few technical skills to work with your site but can be easily installed within less than an hour for free. Google Analytics will give you real-time and historical trends on the users who visit your site.

Google Search Console, on the other hand, help you get your pages indexed rapidly and to monitor how well they are doing on Google. It will show you your current keyword rankings, pages which are indexed, those which aren’t indexed, and which pages you receive traffic to from Google search results.

4. Paid Google Advertisements

If you want to kick-start the results you receive from Google and start getting clients today, one of the best new customer acquisition strategies for you to try is Google Ads.

Google already has a vast library of data at its disposal. For your business, this means that you can get instant sizeable results and generate new clients right away. All that you need to do is pay a fair price on an advertisement. If you consider this as an investment, it can quickly help you generate lots of new customers.

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