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Accounting often poses great challenges, especially for small and medium-sized companies as well as freelancers. The term accounting is often associated with enormous mountains of paperwork, hours of searching for receipt slips, and high expenses for tax accountant. As an entrepreneur you do not get much added value from these tiresome tasks. However, digitalisation can support you enormously and automate many processes and procedures. 

The founders of Penta were confronted with these tasks as well and know how time-consuming they can be. Therefore, it is easy to understand why you do not only need ideal business banking but also other solutions for your corporate finances. That’s why we would like to offer you the opportunity to connect your Penta Business Account with digital accounting tools

Now We Have Billomat on Board

We are pleased to introduce Billomat as a partner. From now on you can link your Penta business bank account with the Billomat accounting software. Your transactions will be automatically transmitted to your accounting department. This partnership enables us to link your business banking with your accounting. This will save you several hours a week and certainly a lot of nerves. 

  • Link your Penta business account to your account at Billomat in just a few seconds 
  • Automatically synchronize all transactions with the accounting software
  • Pass your data on to your tax accountant via Billomat and keep everything in view.
  • Save money and time with your automated accounting. 

Billomat Loves Accounting 

The tasks of accounting are not a source of great pleasure for most of entrepreneurs. Billomat would like to change this and is sure that you will love accounting if you use the right accounting software. You don’t have to be a professional, because Billomat does the most work for you – completely automated. Thanks to years of experience, the Billomat team knows exactly which functions you need. The accounting software enables you to create legally compliant offers and invoices with just a few clicks. Receipts and payments can be easily managed with the tool regardless of time and place. You always have your customers and business figures in view. You can connect different tools via numerous interfaces and prepare your data for the tax accountant. And now you also have the option of connecting Penta to Billomat. 

How to Connect Your Penta Account to Billomat 

In just a few steps you can easily link your Penta business account to your account at Billomat. We promise you that these few steps are easier than doing your accounting manually. Here we go: 

1. Login to your billomat account. Once you’re logged in, head over to the menu item “Banking”.


2. In this screen you can establish the connection between your Penta account and Billomat via our partner fintecsystems. To proceed, click on “Geschäftskonto hinzufügen”.


3. Enter your Penta IBAN and click on “Weiter”.


4. To establish the connection with your Penta account, please enter your Penta login credentials. Click on Weiter” to commence. And that’s it! Your Penta transactions will now be synced with Billomat.


Congratulations! You have done it and have now considerably optimized your finances again.

We Combine Banking and Accounting 

Running a business also means managing your finances around your business. Penta is always looking for new features and optimizations to make your business banking and everything related to it as easy as possible. So you can concentrate on what is really important: your business. With the integration of the accounting software Billomat and many more we have come a big step closer to our product vision. On our Product Roadmap you can find out which new products and features we are currently working on and you can make suggestions here as to which ones still need to be developed. We are looking forward to the exchange with you. 

Simplify your accounting now and connect your Penta business bank account with Billomat. 

Penta Card, Mobile App on phone, and check
Penta Card, Mobile App on phone, and check

Your fully digital business account

Like your favourite cup of morning coffee, Penta’s business account can be packed “to go”.

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