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We can say with certainty that probably very few entrepreneurs look forward to the day-to-day accounting tasks. Often, the topic of accounting is associated with time-consuming and dreaded manual tasks. Nevertheless, the finance and accounting area is a cornerstone of any business or company. 

We would like to simplify accounting for you so that you can focus strictly on your business and it’s growth. Learn how you can save valuable time with Penta’s integrated accounting functions

We Welcome BuchhaltungsButler

Penta is much more than just business banking. And we are happy to prove it. We are working very hard to become a one-stop shop for any modern day business needs. 

From now on, we enable you to connect to the accounting tool BuchhaltungsButler, so that you can save even more time and nerves with your accouting. With the newly created interface between Penta and BuchhaltungsButler, the data from your transactions can be automatically transferred to the financial accounting software. From now on you don’t have to upload individual receipts to the software via email, dropbox-sync or drag & drop. 

The Digital Butler for Your Company’s Accounting 

BuchhaltungsButler provides software especially for companies who want to automate their accounting as much as possible. BuchaltungsButler is one of the strongest market leaders and is supported by advanced artificial intelligence that allows the software to learn by itself.

In addition to intelligent document management, you are offered automated account assignments for your documents and transactions as well as check plausibility or the ability  of confirmation of your accounting records with just one click. You can also create invoices, offers and credit notes via BuchhaltungsButler. 

If you are short on time, you can additionally grant access to your tax consultant. This is especially helpful in saving time and making the collaboration between your business and the tax consultant much more efficient.

But let’s get to the most important point: All your data can be transferred to your tax accountant via the platform without any problems, for example via DATEV. Now all you need to do is connect your Penta business account to BuchhaltungsButler so that your transaction details can be transferred.

The combination of your business banking and your accounting has a lot of benefits for you.

  • Link your Penta account in seconds with BuchhaltungsButler
  • No more manual input necessary, unless you want it
  • Keep your tax accountant up to date on all transactions 
  • Save time and money on accounting

How to Connect Your Penta Account to BuchhaltungsButler

If you have previously manually uploaded individual records to your accounting software, then the following eight steps will be extremely easy for you. 

  1. Log in to BuchhaltungsButler and head over to the settings via the main menu.
  2. Select the tab “Online-Banking”.
  3. Find the section Bankkonten über FinTecSystems verbinden and click on “Bankverbindung jetzt einrichten”.
  4. Enter your Penta IBAN or search for “Penta” and select “solarisBank (Berlin)”.
  5. You’ll see that “Kontist” is preselected. Switch to “Penta” by clicking on the corresponding tab.
  6. Enter the login credentials (E-Mail + Password) of your Penta account.
  7. Verify your account access with a TAN. Afterwards, the connection between Buchaltungsbutler and Penta will be established.
  8. Now head over to “Konten/Buchen” via the main menu. Your transaction data is synced automatically.

We did it! Now you are already a big step closer to the possibilities of digitalization.

Penta and BuchhaltungsButler Make Accounting Easy

The integration of accounting tools is a further milestone on our product roadmap, which we have now successfully implemented. We have already mentioned it: Penta can do more than just business banking. Our journey began with fast and easy online banking for start-ups and SMEs, but there are so many other ways to simplify your business. That’s why we’re working hard on financial solutions and products that will help you in your life as an entrepreneur. Our product roadmap is public and accessible to everyone, so you can suggest what solutions you are missing. 

Try out the latest feature and connect your Penta business account to BuchhaltungsButler and leave your accounting to digitalization.

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