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New: Connect CANDIS and Penta

Alina July 2020 6 min

One topic unites most companies in Germany: basically, they are all obliged to keep accounts, with a few exceptions, such as very small businesses or freelancers. The accounting jungle is complex and demands many resources. The tasks of accounting are definitely not among the measures that drive your company. They often eat up time and nerves. 

Fortunately, we always strive to make any financial issues that affect your business as easy as possible. Innovative digital technologies help us tremendously in this. And now we are happy to present you a new solution to automate and integrate your business banking and accounting

Our New Partner CANDIS

From now on we make it possible for you to connect your Penta business account to the accounting software CANDIS. We are overjoyed to welcome CANDIS as our new partner. With this partnership your business banking can be interlocked with your accounting. All your transactions from your Penta account will be transferred to CANDIS completely automatically. Either on the same day or the next day your account transactions are available in CANDIS.

  • Link CANDIS to your Penta account with a few clicks 
  • Have your transactions transferred to your accounting completely automatically
  • Keep the overview and have the data automatically transferred to your accountant  
  • Benefit from enormous time savings 

As a Penta customer you also get a 15% discount and 1 free month at CANDIS. Click here!

CANDIS Knows what Smart Accounting Looks Like 

The accounting software CANDIS has made it its business to automate all manual accounting processes for you. Thereby they rely on artificial intelligence and high tech. CANDIS starts at the data entry stage and automatically determines all data from invoices and account transactions. You are also offered preparatory accounting, quick release and payment of invoices, and helpful financial overviews. 

CANDIS promises you that your workload can be reduced by up to 80% by using the features. Manual accounting processes are a thing of the past.

How to Connect Your Penta Account to CANDIS

Follow the two major steps below to connect your Penta account with CANDIS:

  • Set up my.solarisbank credentials
  • Connect your Penta account with CANDIS

You will find instructions for each step below. Alternatively, you can also view the guide as a PDF with screenshots:

Set up my.solarisbank credentials

  1. Navigate to and click on “Register” to commence.
  2. Enter your email address and mobile phone number and click on “Register”.
  3. Verify your my.solarisbank account. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Navigate to the link contained in the email or alternatively log in to with your temporary password and your email address. Now set a new password.
  4. Once you’ve registered, connect your my.solarisbank account with your Penta IBAN and the mobile number linked to your Penta account.
  5. For the safety of your Penta account, there is a 2-step-authentication process. Confirm that it’s really you trying to connect your Penta account with my.solarisbank with a TAN.
  6. Now verify that you have access to the access to the account. You will need to enter the code that appears in the description of the €0,00 test transaction from solarisBank. The transaction usually arrives in a matter of minutes and you can find the code in the payment notification email or in the transaction page.
  7. You’re now ready to connect CANDIS with your Penta/solarisBank account.

Connect your Penta account with CANDIS

  1. Before you continue with setting up the connection, please make sure that you are fully set up with CANDIS and you have your my.solarisbank credentials at hand.
  2. Log in to CANDIS with your login credentials.
  3. After you’ve logged in, head over to the settings.
  4. Navigate to the tab “Transaktionskonten” and select “Neues Konto hinzufügen”.
  5. Select “finAPI” from the overview of the account providers.
  6. You are redirected to a new page from Penta/my.solarisbank. Here you will be asked to enter your email and password which you used when you registered for in the previous step.
  7. In case you are new to CANDIS, you first need to register a finAPI account. In case you already have one, enter your finAPI credentials please.
  8. Now search for “Penta” via the search bar. Select the result “solarisbank (Penta)”.
  9. A new screen is opening. Enter your Penta IBAN twice in the fields “Anmeldename” and “Kontoreferenzen”. Then click on “Bankdaten abrufen”.
  10. You are redirected to a new page from Penta/my.solarisbank. Here you will be asked to enter your email and password which you used when you registered for in the previous step.
  11. You then will be asked to confirm the access by finAPI (the partner of CANDIS) for this particular IBAN. You can revoke this access at any point in time.
  12. You then will receive a TAN to your registered mobile phone to confirm the access.
  13. After confirming the TAN, the task is completed and you will see a success screen. You will then be automatically re-directed back to finAPI.
  14. You can now close this screen and head back to CANDIS.
  15. You’ll see that your Penta account is now listed in the overview. click on the blue button “Verbinden”.
  16. You have successfully connected your Penta account with CANDIS. Now you can see the current status of the connection as well as the last time your transactions were synced. Your transactions will be synced automatically every day.

Wonderful, you did it! 

We Automate Your Accounting

Connecting your business banking with your accounting tool is a major milestone on our digitalization path. Together with CANDIS, we are convinced that you can significantly optimize your financial management through digital and smart solutions. Through automation, you save time and costs and can focus on your business. 

Our mission is to create the ideal solution for your business banking and all your corporate finances. To build exactly the products and functions that start-ups, SMEs or freelancers actually need, we want to be in close contact with you. You can help shape our Product Roadmap and suggest which feature you would like to see. Or take a look at what you can look forward to in the coming months at Penta. We are pleased to offer you solutions that will bring your accounting processes into the digital age. 

Get started now and connect your Penta business account with the CANDIS accounting software. You will love it – we promise!

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