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We are sure you will agree with us when we say that accounting is not one of your favourite tasks. Manual accounting behind mountains of receipts and invoices is not only not annoying, but also particularly time-consuming. You can’t advance your business with this work either.

Fortunately, your accounting can be automated by using tools and software. The only thing missing is that your business banking is also connected to your accounting for optimal financial management.

From Now on We Have FastBill on Board

We are pleased to introduce our new partner FastBill to you. Together with FastBill we can now enable you to connect your business account with your accounting. Your transactions can be automatically synchronized with your accounting software on a daily basis, so you don’t have to transfer them manually. Plus, your account transactions are now just a few clicks away from your accountant.

  • Connect your Penta account to FastBill in moments
  • Automate your accounting and eliminate manual tasks
  • Forward your data to your tax consultant without any problems and keep the overview
  • Save a lot of time, money and nerves

FastBill Cleans up Your Accounting

With FastBill you can simplify many of your accounting tasks with a wide range of functions. You can create invoices and reminders with just a few clicks, enter and categorize documents automatically and manage customers. As already mentioned, you can now also connect your business account via an interface and use FastBill’s accounting software to transfer any data to your tax advisor. Your future VAT return to the tax office will also be a breeze. And don’t worry, your data is stored securely on servers in Germany.

How to Connect Your Penta Account to FastBill

Under the Payment Service Directive II (PSD2) you are able to grant access to third party applications to your transaction data, for instance FastBill. To do this for your Penta transaction data, you’ll first need to register for your solarisBank credentials to “claim” your bank account. Once you’ve completed this registration you can use your credentials to connect to many different third party applications and accounting tools. Follow the two major steps below to connect your Penta account with sevDesk:

  • Set up my.solarisbank credentials
  • Connect your Penta account with FastBill

You will find instructions for each step below. Alternatively, you can also view the guide as a PDF with screenshots:

Set up my.solarisbank credentials

  1. Navigate to and click on “Register” to commence.
  2. Enter your email address and mobile phone number and click on “Register”.
  3. Verify your my.solarisbank account. You will receive an email with a temporary password. Navigate to the link contained in the email or alternatively log in to with your temporary password and your email address. Now set a new password.
  4. Once you’ve registered, connect your my.solarisbank account with your Penta IBAN and the mobile number linked to your Penta account.
  5. For the safety of your Penta account, there is a 2-step-authentication process. Confirm that it’s really you trying to connect your Penta account with my.solarisbank with a TAN.
  6. Now verify that you have access to the access to the account. You will need to enter the code that appears in the description of the €0,00 test transaction from solarisBank. The transaction usually arrives in a matter of minutes and you can find the code in the payment notification email or in the transaction page.
  7. The registration is complete when you have linked your Penta account. You can now connect FastBill and other third party providers to your Penta account/my.solarisbank.

Connect your Penta account with FastBill

  1. Before you continue with setting up the connection, please make sure that you are fully set up with FastBill you have your my.solarisbank credentials at hand.
  2. Log in to FastBill with your login credentials.
  3. After you’ve logged in, head over to “Banking” and click on “Bankverbindung hinzufügen”.
  4. Search for “solarisBank (Penta)” and select the matching result. Click the button afterwards to confirm.
  5. A new screen is opening to retrieve your bank data via our partner finAPI. Enter your Penta IBAN in the fields “Anmeldename” and “Kontoreferenzen”. Then click on “Bankdaten abrufen”.
  6. You are redirected to a new page from Penta/my.solarisbank. Here, you will be asked to enter your e-mail and password which you used when you registered for in the previous step.
  7. You then will be asked to confirm the access by FinAPI (the partner of FastBill) for this particular IBAN. You can revoke this access at any point in time.
  8. You then will receive a TAN to your registered mobile phone to confirm the access.
  9. After confirming the TAN, the task is completed and you will see a success screen. You will then be automatically re-directed back to FastBill.
  10. Your Penta account is now available in FastBill. Now click on “Speichern”.
  11. You are now seeing a success message by Fastbill. Now click on the button “Zur Transaktionsübersicht”.
  12. You are now seeing your Penta transactions! Your transactions will be synced automatically every day.

Congratulations, you did it!

We Show You how Easy Accounting Can Be

Through our cooperation with FastBill, we can relieve you of many of your tax and financial administration tasks. We believe that your valuable time is better spent optimizing your business. Our mission is to help your business succeed. That is why we are constantly looking for new solutions to make your business banking even faster and easier. By connecting with FastBill, we have taken an enormously important step on our public product roadmap. It allows you to share ideas and wishes that can further optimize your business banking. Join us in shaping the digital future of business banking and take your business forward.

Profit from now on from the automated accounting and connect your Penta Business Account with your FastBill account.

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