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Oliver July 2020 Fintech Content Editor 4 min

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It is not surprising that many small and medium-sized enterprises and self-employed people shy away from the tasks of accounting. The motivation to implement a good business idea often does not arise from the thought of accounting. It is time-consuming, requires many various individual steps, involves close coordination with the tax consultant and does not bring any noticeable added value for your company. 

But there is fantastic news. Penta’s mission is not only to provide you with the best business banking services, but also to simplify all your day-to-day business tasks around your corporate finances. That’s why we offer solutions to automate and integrate your accounting

Welcome to the Family Papierkram

We are now proud to be able to offer you the ability to connect to the online accounting software Papierkram. We are really excited to welcome our new partner aboard and hope our collaboration will make your financial routines much easier. Together we will create a bridge between your business banking and your accounting. Papierkram offers you a platform for accounting that is easy to use and understand for all entrepreneurs who are not tax accountants themselves. 

With this new collaboration, you can bring your business finances and accounting closer together and benefit from numerous simplifications:

  • Link your Penta account with Papierkram in a few moments
  • Synchronize your Papierkram account with your Penta business account 
  • Keep track of all your transactions and pass them on to your tax accountant
  • Benefit from the Papierkram features and save money and time 

Papierkram Avoids Paper-based Accounting 

With the modern platform of Papierkram, paper-based accounting is a thing of the past. The accounting solution enables you to do secure accounting with the use of  the cloud. Starting with the digital offer and invoice creation, project management, reports on BWA and cash flow, creation of document templates, smart customer management to the preparation of the tax return – Papierkram offers you the complete solution. This full of features package will save you several hours of work per week. 

How to Connect Your Penta Account With Papierkram 

At this point we can make you a promise: linking your Penta business account to Papierkram will be much less time consuming and nerve-wracking than traditional manual accounting. Just follow these steps to connect the two accounts: 

1. Login to your Papierkram account.


2. Once you’re logged in, hover over the folder symbol called “Stammdaten” and select “Konten”.


3. Now select “Bankkonto (online)”.


4. In this screen you can establish the connection between your Penta account and Papierkram via our partner fintecsystems. To proceed, click on “Geschäftskonto hinzufügen”. Enter your Penta IBAN and click on “Weiter”.


5. To establish the connection with your Penta account, please enter your Penta login credentials. Click on “Weiter” to commence. And that’s it! Your Penta transactions will now be synced with Papierkram.


Save Time With Papierkram and Penta 

Penta and Papierkram are united by the same vision: We want to relieve you of any tasks related to your finances or make them as easy as possible. To create the best solutions for you, we always put ourselves in the position of an entrepreneur. Our product roadmap is driven by ideas and wishes of our customers. This is how we guarantee that we create the products and features that move you forward. It is not surprising that many customers have asked for their business bank account to be linked to the accounting software. The great added value is obvious – you can concentrate fully on your business and leave your finances to automation. Entrepreneurs are united by the fact that they are all subject to the tasks of accounting – regardless of whether they are sole freelancers or small, medium or large companies. But you have the choice of how much time you want to spend on this or whether you prefer to devote yourself to the tasks that will move your business forward. 

Connect your Penta business account and Papierkram now and start saving time and money.

Penta Card, Mobile App on phone, and check
Penta Card, Mobile App on phone, and check

Your fully digital business account

Like your favourite cup of morning coffee, Penta’s business account can be packed “to go”.

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