Penta People: Meet Daria Budanova, Senior Manager Controlling & Planning

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At Penta, our mission is to revolutionize business banking and to provide the best digital solutions that support our customers to focus on their vision. In order to develop the most beneficial features for our customers it’s crucial for our strategic goals to make smart decisions when it comes to financial and non-financial topics.

This is when the expertise of our great Finance team comes into play: Our colleagues provide and analyze important data, which then form the basis for business decisions.

For this blog post, we talked with Daria Budanova, Senior Manager Controlling & Planning, about her favorite project and how her work days look like.

Hi Daria, How Long Have You Been Working for Penta?

A bit over a year now, I started in October 2020.

What Brought You to Penta Originally? Why Were You Interested in It?

Before I joined Penta, I worked for Solarisbank, a B2B2X company, that provides Penta with a banking license and part of the tech infrastructure. I realized that I wanted to get closer to the end customers and have a direct dialogue with them – exactly what Penta did! Because I already knew the product, as well as a couple of people there, it felt like coming back home when I joined :)

What’s Your Job About?

I am responsible for the Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) vertical which covers pricing, planning and controlling. Most of my teammates work in accounting, which is quite self-contained, whereas I connect Finance with other functions like Product, Marketing or Data. This helps me to strengthen my team in such topics as investor relations, due diligence and fundraising.

What’s a Typical Day Like for You?

I always start with urgent tasks, sync with my direct report and then work on other requests , which are dependent on my input. After that I focus on my own projects, one-off and recurring. In our Finance department, we have regular meetings where we align our tasks and catch up with each other.

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How Would You Describe the Finance Team?

We pretend to be introverts, but all the team meetings, both formal and informal, always feel very cozy. We are very supportive, fully trust each other, work accurately and diligently. This is something that we also expect from our future teammates.

Which Project at Penta Are You Most Proud Of?

In general, I agree with the old saying: The joy is in the journey, rather than the destination – yet of course it’s always rewarding to see the tangible result of your work.

If I had to name a single project, it was the pricing initiative aiming to improve our pricing strategy and hence, involved a lot of stakeholders. I truly enjoyed it and felt very proud of it because it was grasping non-financial aspects of the business like customer willingness-to-pay, marketing campaign or product design. As a result, it strengthened my confidence and boosted my creativity adding a lot of variety to routine tasks.

What Do You Like Most about Penta?

People are Penta’s greatest asset! They are very open, talented, innovative and fun to work with. You learn a lot from them and it’s always exciting to have a project with a yet “unexplored” team.

Do You Have Some Insider Tips You Would Give to Applicants?

If an answer doesn’t pop up in your head right away, just think out loud. Our main intention is to understand how you think.

Three Words to Describe Penta?

Dynamic, smart and brave.

And Three Words to Best Describe You?

Nerdy, curious and thorough.

Last, But Not Least: Tell Us Something Random or Interesting About You.

From time to time I write articles about video games (and play as well!) for a famous Russian magazine.

Thank you, Daria – we’re happy to have you in the Penta Team.

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