The Two For Your Accounting: DATEV X Penta

Oliver December 2020 Fintech Content Editor 3 min

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Finally! Penta now offers you an official integration with DATEV which enables you to synchronize your transactions and receipts with Germany’s most popular tax accounting service.

At Penta, we know that you didn’t start your business because you wanted to spend hours doing accounting. Manual preparation of data, transactions and receipts for your tax accountant is cumbersome and time-consuming.

New: Connection to the Official DATEV Interface

Today we’re excited to announce our official integration with DATEV, allowing you to connect your Penta business account directly to DATEV’s accounting service.

The integration between Penta business banking and accounting enables you to manage your finances in one place. All transactions from your Penta business account can be automatically synced with your DATEV Unternehmen online service.

Using our official integration with DATEV Belegbilderservice (formerly DATEVconnect online), you can easily sync all your related receipts – keeping your tax accountant up-to-date at all times. Forget manual accounting – work digitally!.

German market leader DATEV

DATEV is one of the largest software houses and IT service providers in Germany and is primarily active in the areas of accounting, human resources and taxes. The DATEV program is used by the majority of tax accountants in Germany. DATEV also offers a cloud solution and uses digitalization to simplify cooperation between companies and tax consultants. With the help of DATEV Unternehmen online all data and transactions can exchanged. DATEV Belegbilderservice is linked to the DATEV platform and enables the exchange of receipts.

Connect Your Penta Account to DATEV in Minutes

Connecting your Penta business account to DATEV‘s official online platform offers you numerous advantages:

  • Transfer all transactions from your Penta business account to DATEV
  • Sync your receipts online via the official integration to DATEV Belegbilderservice
  • Share your data with your accountant directly via the cloud
  • Avoid manual accounting and save time!

Set up the Sync of Your Transaction Data

To connect your Penta account to DATEV Unternehmen online, you’ll need the IBAN of your Penta business account, and your Penta-registered smartphone. The connection takes just 15 minutes with three simple steps:

  1. Set up my.solarisbank credentials
  2. Connect your Penta account with DATEV Unternehmen online (DUO)
  3. Initiate the sync of your transactions with DUO

Set up the Sync of Your Receipts

To connect your Penta business account to DATEV Belegbilderservice, you’ll need your Smart Login for DATEV Unternehmen online. Make sure that your tax accountant has activated your DATEV account for DATEV Belegbilderservice, and that all the documents in your Penta business account are correctly uploaded.

Synchronizing your receipts takes just two easy steps:

  1. Activate DATEV Belegbilderservice in your Penta business account
  2. Synchronize the documents for selected individual transactions, or multiple transactions in a single action

Everything You Need for Your Business Finances

Connecting Penta business banking with accounting via DATEV Unternehmen online is the most frequently requested feature at Penta, and it’s one of the biggest milestones in our company history. After all, at Penta we want to make all aspects of managing the finances of your company as simple as possible – or even automate them completly. You’re free to focus on your business and leave manual tasks to digitalization.

Our passion is to develop more and more solutions and features that add value for you and your business, so we want us to be in close contact.

Our public product roadmap lets you determine which functions or products you need us to develop in the near future, and see what we’re currently working on. We’re working hard to offer you many more new features for your business banking in the near future.

Link your Penta account to DATEV now, and unite what belongs together!

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