Ensuring a Good Image with Employer & Employee Branding

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So what is employer and employee branding anyway? On this page, we will break down this topic and deal and discuss strategies for using branding to your advantage.

What is Employer and Employee Branding?

In order to look out for the well being of your business, employer and employee branding are two important factors to keep in mind.

Employer Branding

Employer branding is the term used to describe the process you go through to create a postive image for yourself as an employer.

In order to attract a good team of workers, your business should be widely seen as a postive actor in your industry. Especially for proespective employees that consider working for you. Or, customers considering purchasing your product or service.

Employee Branding

Employees are the heart and soul of your business’ operation. They are often the first and last image your customers get of your business, too. This is why it is important to find employees which exemplify who you are as a business.

In layman’s terms, employee branding is the process which employees go through to internalize who you are as a business. This way, they can accurately portray who you are as a brand to your customers.

Ideas for Improving your Branding

As a general rule of thumb, the internal and external perception of your company are where your branding will come into play. If you treat your employees well, they will say good things about your company. If your and your employees treat customers with respect, they will be more likely to refer your business over to a friend.

From the outside looking in, it isn’t easy to determine how to improve employee and employer branding. This is why a third-party opinion like ours can help. A recent study by Hays (2019) furthermore illustrates what employees expect from employers based on a scientific random sample poll.

Here are 5 factors which, according to this study, you should focus on to improve your employee and employer branding.

1. Good Working Atmosphere

The working atmosphere you provide should reflect the level of respect you have for both yourself as the business owner and for your employees. Just as you look after your home, you should keep your working atmosphere up to par.

If your employees work from a local location (and not remotely), provide them with a respectable and decent workspace. Give them some privacy. Have break rooms ready.

Order them lunch from time to time, send them out on nice business trips. Provide an atmosphere that makes them excited to come work for you.

49% of the employees polled in the Hays study said that the work atmosphere is the most important factor in determining their satisfaction as an employee.

2. Fair Wages

Your employees are only there because you are offering them cash to support themselves. Use this to your advantage. Don’t be the employer who seeks the smallest wage. Instead, focus on the quality of your employees.

If you want to improve both your employer and employee branding, start by hiring the right people. Find employees that you won’t mind paying a couple more euros each hour than what you could get away with. Ones that also reflect your values as a brand.

Employees respect loyalty and generosity, and will definitely say great thigns about you if you pay them well. Customers also often buy from employers who treat their employees well.

43% of respondants said that the wages are the most important factor for how happy they are as an employee.

3. Flexible Hours

Imagine that you and your significant other found a last-minute deal on that dream vacation you both have been discusssing for years. Without a job that has flexible hours, you might not be able to get the days off.

As an employer, you need to realize that your employees have lives of their own. They need to have freedom. Especially when it comes to the hours they work. Be flexible and understanding when circumstances like this come up.

40% of the employees polled said that having flexible hours is an important factor in a quality working environment.

4. Job Security

If you hire full-time employees, there is generally an assumption that they will be able to hold the position for a long period of time. After all, most employees wouldn’t consider a position if there wasn’t some sort of job security.

One of the best ways to provide job security is to give them stability right up front. Present them with a long-term contract. Provide clear and strict details on how they will be able to keep their position. Most importantely, make sure they internalize the values your company holds dear before you make a long-term committment.

36% of the employees studied said that job security is an important factor.

5. Having Interesting Tasks

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Imagine yourself in the position of a heavily-qualified professional working for your company. Perhaps they went to school and earned a degree before they were able to apply for you.

Treat your employees with respect. Especially ones that are respected professionals in their industry. Having tasks which fit their qualifications, are engaging, and not something which can be done by any other human with a brain is one of the best ways to improve your employee branding.

35% of respondants in the Hays study said that having interesting tasks is an important part of an effective working environment.

Show Your Employees that You Trust Them!

Finally, let’s finish by discussing another great way to improve your employer branding. As we mentioned, the best way to do this is by keeping your employees happy, choosing ones which exemplify who you are as a company, and providing them with the security they need.

Employees love to have some responsibility and to feel like they are important. One of the best ways to do this is by giving them company credit cards. With a Penta Business Account, all of this is possible. Be sure to check us out today!

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