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New Security Feature: Failed Card Payment Notifications

Oliver September 2019 3 min

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Today, we are happy to announce an improvement to our card payment features with notifications for failed card payments. From now on, if your card gets declined you will receive a notification telling you why this happened.

We understand the confusion which can come when your credit card gets declined. For this reason, we have been working hard to help make situations like this easier to handle and avoidable in the future.

How Banks Usually Handle Failed Card Payments

The most common response banks have for declined card payments is no response at all. If you are in dire need to purchase something the moment you get declined, this usually means you have to wait on the phone for a customer support agent.

Although card payments are usually denied due to lack of funds, there are lots of other potential reasons this can happen, from simply forgetting your PIN number to a vendor trying to charge you multiple times for the same transaction. A declined card payment is especially frustrating when you know that you have the money in your account.

New: Failed Card Payment Notifications In The Penta Mobile App

We understand the importance of both security and real-time updates when it comes to financial matters. We want to help you avoid declined payments in the first place.

However, when this does happen, we will provide you with an instant push notification straight to your smartphone. And unlike other banks, this notification will tell you why your card got declined in the first place. Instantly. No more wasted time waiting on the phone trying to get in touch with a customer support agent.

How We Keep Business Spending Safe

In addition to instant declined transaction notifications, we offer other features to make sure you stay in control of your money.

Here are some of the other security features we offer:

  • Instant successful payment notifications.
  • Easily freeze and unfreeze your corporate cards in the mobile app.
  • Dedicated web and mobile app login to see transactions.
  • Change your PIN from within the mobile app.
  • Enable or disable online or offline payments as an administrator for every card. 
  • Overview of spending for each cardholder
  • Adding categories and receipts instantly after each expense.
  • Setting and adjusting card spending limits.
  • Blocking double-charges if the merchant accidentally charges you twice.
  • Real-time fraud monitoring to protect your card payments.

The administrators of your Penta account always retain full control over each of the employee cards. Tasks such as adjusting spending limits for each card, viewing the latest expenses, freezing and canceling cards, and more, are always controlled by the account admins.

We Are Always Improving

Here at Penta, we are always listening to our customers and searching for ways to improve our product based on their feedback. Soon, you will also be able to instantly confirm or reject suspected fraudulent charges as well as whitelist and blacklist merchants.

In any case, fraud protection and the financial security of our customers are extremely important to us. If you are a startup owner seeking to find a secure and stress-free bank to work with, check us out!

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