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New Feature – Card Limits

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein August 2018 2 min

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Two new features were released barely a week ago and we have another one lined up for you. Innovation does not wait and leaves behind those that stagnate and fail to listen to their most important asset – their customers. The new card limit feature will help you secure your account and control employee spending on a more granular level.

Why is this important?

Before the card limit feature was introduced all cards shared the same monthly limit. It was not easy to control and manage business finances like this. A business partner enjoys a different level of trust and has higher spending authority than a normal employee, but both shared the same spending limit.

The only alternative to absolute trust in your employees was to manage all transactions yourself and not take advantage of additional Mastercards for your business. Now you can manage the spending limits on your business Mastercards on a more granular and much more useful level and stay in control of your business finances.

card limits penta
What is new?

  • All users with a card will be able to view their personal monthly limits for online and offline payments.
  • All founders will be able to see all the cards, their monthly limits and can change the monthly limits for online and offline payments of all users.

Important note: Currently only the legal representatives of the business can receive a card. Cards for the employees will be available in the near feature. Please check our roadmap for the details.

card limits penta
How can I manage the card limits?

The setup is easy:

  1.       Go to the “Cards” menu
  2.       Click on the “All Cards” tab
  3.       Manage the limits and permissions

Your feedback is always appreciated, and we will gladly listen to suggestions, ideas and improvements for this feature. Feel free to send us a message at any time.

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