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Freelancers that Your New Startup Should Hire

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein August 2019 5 min

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One of the best ways to get your startup out of the sandbox is to find freelancers online who can do jobs faster and better than you would have been able to do on your own. Jobs which increase the value of your startup and improve the quality of your service.

Why Your Startup Should Find Freelancers Online

Sometimes, you won’t have the skills or expertise for doing certain tasks which will help your startup. Let alone, the ability to do tasks at the same level of quality and professionalism as someone else who does it for a living.

Lack of free time is also a common reason you should hire freelancers. If you are the sole proprietor and the only employee for your startup, you can easily find yourself wanting to get 10 things done in a day with the time to only do one or two.

Which Freelancers Does Your New Startup Need?

For starters, it’s important to consider whether or not the work you assign to freelancers will produce quick positive results. Consider who your target customers are and whether or not the freelance will boost the value of your company.

After all, you will always have a nice new project idea floating around. Make sure the work you do is pertinent to the current needs of your business. Keeping this in mind, here are freelancers which you should consider hiring first.

1. Administrator

The administrator is the person who will deal with things like contracts, invoices, payments, and all of the bureaucracy involved in properly running your startup. In reality, the tasks of an administrator can be split amongst several people.

The legal and financial matters of your startup can easily turn into a full-time job for you if you try to do things on your own. For this reason, many people find freelancers online who can handle these tasks.

2. Marketer

A good marketer will help your startup move out of the sandbox on over to profits and consistent revenue. Your marketer should live to find potential customers for your startup and convince them to buy.

If you find a freelancer online who specializes in marketing, you can start generating a lot more leads and sales than you probably would have been able to do on your own.

In addition, freelance marketers help you come up with a content strategy to get your website ranked on Google. This will help you get new customers organically.

3. Content Developer(s)

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If you don’t already have a website (or the skills to do this on your own), hiring a freelance web designer should be a top priority for your startup. That way, you can start taking advantage of the endless opportunities that come with content optimized for search engines.

Once you have a website, generating consistent informative content which revolves around carefully-chosen keywords will be very useful in the long-run. With enough quality content on your website, you will receive a lot more organic traffic from search engines.

Make sure to consider quality when you find a content developer. Part of the recipe for getting indexed on search engines is creating lots of informative content related to your niche. It doesn’t even need to be designed to sell the reader anything.

If your content is attractive, detailed, and high-quality, search engines will help make it much easier for potential customers to find you.

Why Find Freelancers Online & Not Just Hire Traditional Employees?

It isn’t always easy to find freelancers online who are high-quality and dependable. This is one of the most common reasons startups will avoid hiring freelancers and instead hire local employees.

Although the potential value of hiring freelancers is clear, many startups simply aren’t comfortable doing this. Here are the top reasons why you should cast your fears aside and find freelancers online instead of traditional employees.

Freelancers are More Affordable

Hiring a traditional employee means that you need to meet lots of different government rules. Employees come with many different responsibilities for employers to handle. More than what freelancers will require.

Those who find freelancers online, on the other hand, can bypass most of the bureaucracy involved with hiring normal employees. Most importantly, freelancers tend to have the most affordable rates. Especially if they live in a location where living expenses are significantly lower than where you live.

Most Startup Jobs Can Be Done Remotely

As we have described above, the most important things to consider for a new startup are administration, marketing, and content. In the modern world, these are all jobs handled by freelancers.

The beauty of remote workers is that you don’t have to supply office space, long-term work contracts, and so on. None of the capital or tools required for completing jobs needs to be provided to remote workers.

These days, you don’t need to have employees sitting around an office to work for you. This is especially convenient for small startups who don’t yet have a physical office location.

Freelancers are Great for Short-Term Work

People with experience firing people, in particular, know the stress and pain involved with saying goodbye to loyal employees. Especially when the employee is only let go due to budget constraints.

When you hire traditional employees, they typically expect to receive a long-term job with stability and nice benefits. If you find freelancers online, on the other hand, these expectations are not present.

Freelancers usually work with clients for short periods of time. They are able to do this by generating relationships with many different employers at the same time.

Financial Solutions for Your Startup

As a small startup owner, the most common problems you will face are all financially-related. To best set your startup up for success, you should consider using a bank account that is specifically designed for small startups.

With the ability to track your expenses in real-time, access an online dashboard, and lots of exclusive benefits, a Penta Business Account is a great way to help set your startup for success.

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