Founders! Don’t fall for the trap!

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein September 2019 2 min

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The first time I founded and incorporated a company in Germany, I was very excited. Everything was new. Even the 2 hours spent at the notary office in which the foundation documents were read out aloud were part of the journey. The final signature and you think you are unstoppable.

We went home and were waiting impatiently for the letter from the Handelsregister to confirm the official registration of our company. When would it come? When would the whole country know about us starting this new venture?

I was checking the mailbox every day – and after a couple of weeks, the letter was there. And another one. And another one. And another one.

Today I know that a lot of scrupulous and greedy fraudsters send fake letters to newly incorporated companies. 

They are checking the Handelsregister on a daily basis and send out payment requests that look almost identical to the official letter from the local authorities. 

From my own painful experience, but also in my role at Penta as Chief Customer Officer I know that almost 50% of first time founders fall for the trick. They pay up to 1.000€ to these fake “register portals”.

This needs to stop. Please do not pay and help us by sending all the fake letters you might receive to

We will publish all the fake register payment notifications on this page. We will update the list regularly and try to stop them from executing this shameful practice. 

Register name + companyPayment amount
GCR GmbH “Gewerberegisterzentrale”796,11€
RGB Deutschland GmbH “Gewerberegisterzentrale”779,49€
Boncheck GmbH “Handels Union Deutschland”288,00€
HRZ GmbH “Handelsregisterzentrale”782,47€
PDWS Register GmbH238,00€

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