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Higher Online Card Limit: More Scope With Your Penta Card

Alina December 2020 4 min

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Are you reaching the online limit of your Penta card? As your business grows, so will the number and amount of your transactions. That’s why we enabled the possibility for you to have a higher online card limit on your Penta VISA cards

Get a 40,000 Euro Online Card Limit 

As of now, you will be able to spend more on online transactions: Instead of 25,000 Euro you can now spend up to 40,000 Euro per month and per card. This means that the administrator of a Penta comfort plan account can now increase the online card limit per Penta card according to everyone’s needs.

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More banking with Penta Comfort

Steps to Increase the Online Card Limit of Your VISA Card

Follow these steps as an administrator of a Penta comfort plan account to easily increase and customize all card limits, depending on online spending per month. Don’t worry, there are no additional costs for you.

Increase Your Own Online Card Limit as an Administrator: 

  1. Log in to your Penta account and navigate to “My Card”. 
  2. Click on the pencil icon under the “Online Limit” card settings. 
  3. Use the slider or enter up to 40,000 Euro in the input field to increase your card limit. 
  4. Done!  

As an Administrator, Increase the Online Card Limit of Other Users:

  1. Log in to your Penta account and navigate to “Users & Cards”.
  2. Select the user whose card limit you want to increase. 
  3. Click on “Cards” in the user’s settings. 
  4. Click on the pencil icon under the “Online Limit” card settings. 
  5. Use the slider or enter up to 40,000 Euro in the input field to increase the card limit of the selected user.
  6. Done!

You don’t use the Penta comfort plan yet? Then upgrade now and increase the online card limit of your own Penta card or those of your employees.

Use of Card Limits 

You’re not sure if you or your employees need higher card limits for online payments? Well, as your business grows—and you hire new staff, purchase new tools, products and services online—you may find yourself in need of an increased financial flexibility

From higher budgets for advertising for your marketing team, tools for the tech team to accounting software for your finance team, give your staff and departments the ability to be flexible. Save yourself some time and enable your employees and departments  to easily initiate payments themselves , through higher online limits. Whether it’s monthly or one-time payments, higher card limits will save you from nerve-wracking bottlenecks. 

VISA cards at Penta

At Penta, you can get cards from VISA for you and your team. The VISA business debit cards offer high security standards, contactless payment and discount promotions from VISA. The online card limit can be increased up to 40,000 Euro in the comfort plan and up to 25,000 Euro for offline payments.

Penta Cards for Your Whole Team 

Your company grows and you inevitably hand over more and more tasks to your teams—possibly also financial tasks around banking and accounting. That’s normal and part of being an entrepreneur. 

As an entrepreneur, you should involve your team or co-founders when it comes to managing  business finances to ensure that business banking is not just on your to-do list. At Penta, we want to offer business accounts and financial solutions that can be used by the entire team. That’s why Penta allows you to add additional users to your account with individual spending limits and their own VISA cards. Receipts, notes and categories can be added to transactions, you can connect your account to an accounting system such as DATEV, and much more. This way, financial tasks can be shared among the teams and processes can be streamlined across functions to keep track of the different areas of the business and each expenses. 

With higher online card limits, we hope to provide the financial scope you and your teams need. We are currently working on additional solutions and will keep you updated on new features and products we are currently developing for you on our public product roadmap.  

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Business banking for the whole team

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