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Penta’s most valuable asset is its people. Everyone working with us is a skilled and experienced expert in his or her field and brings exceptional motivation to the table. That allows us to deliver the products and services that fit our customers’ needs and to revolutionise the way people bank. To reach our ambitious goals, we are constantly looking for new talents.

In this article, our very own talent acquisition experts Tijana and Collins will grant you a glimpse into the interview process at Penta and give first-hand tips on how you can excel in it.

Penta’s HR values: Culture, transparency, and drive

At Penta, culture always comes first. We strive to create an environment where everyone – regardless of background, nationality, or gender – feels welcome and has the same chances to unfold and make the career they dream of. And this already starts with the first interview.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on keeping everything as transparent as possible. Especially when it comes to the selection and interviewing of candidates. Therefore, if you are listed for the first interview, you will receive an interview guide in advance which describes briefly who we are, what we stand for and what we do as well as what awaits you in the following steps. 

Our value of drive is mutual. Surely, we want to hear from you why you would be the perfect fit for that specific position at Penta. Still, we also want to show you our motivation to hire talents like you and thus, give you the opportunity to learn more about us and our vision right from the start.

The 3 stages of an interview at Penta

In our general selection process, there are usually three rounds of interviews which differ in their topics and depth of conversation:

  1. Cultural fit stage
  2. Technical stage
  3. Final stage

1. Cultural fit stage

The cultural fit stage consists of an informal conversation with our Talent Acquisition Team. This is the first step of potentially becoming a Pentonian and the stage where you get to know us as a company.

We are not interested in where you see yourself in five years, rather we want to know YOU. What motivates you, what do you appreciate the most when it comes to your job place, and is Penta a fit for that?

2. Technical stage

The second stage gets more into detail and mostly differs slightly for tech and non-tech roles. Still, since this interview step is about your actual skills and experiences that are technically relevant for your potential job at Penta, we also like to call it the “technical stage” for non-techy positions.

It is usually with Technical Leads or Hiring Managers, depending on the position, and mainly oriented on candidates’ skills, and this is the opportunity for candidates to align with the work itself, to get to know our product a bit, and get a picture of how their daily work is going to look like.

3. Final stage

The third stage is mostly the last and final step in the interview process. This one is again more people focused and usually organised as a peer interview.

In this stage you therefore get to know your colleagues and a sense of the team you will potentially work with.

10 tips to excel in the process from start to end

Every step in the process has its own focus and challenges. Still, you are never alone during the procedure – our Talent Acquisition Team is with you all the way.

We understand and know how searching for a job and finding the fitting one to build your career in can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Our talent acquisition experts Tijana and Collins thus want to help you out with ten tips you can apply when it comes to interviewing.

1. Don’t pressurise

If you’ve found your dream job at Penta, it’s clear that you give it all to secure it. But still – don’t put too much pressure on yourself and just be yourself.

Tijana Bjelic, Talent Acquisition Manager:

“Don’t put too much pressure on yourself – this might be the hardest part, but just come as you are, be relaxed, honest and original.”

2. Do your homework

Inform yourself thoroughly on our core business (products and services), competitors, history, mission and values, future projects and goals, latest news etc. You can also reach out to the recruiter or TA Team for more information about the desired position.

3. Get to know your interviewers

Get familiar with the persons you’ll have the interview with to know your interviewers in advance. Gain deeper insights through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing and Google. Take advantage of today’s technology.

4. Prepare questions

Always prepare 2-3 questions to ask the interviewers. Ensure you phrase or frame the questions in advance so that you know what you want to gain from it. Usually this is a sign of interest in our business and passion for the position.

5. Practice makes perfect

Practise adequately and rehearse your interview ahead of time. Check with a trusted friend or partner if it ended positively and if you are satisfied with your performance?

Collins Mishael, Talent Acquisition Manager:

“Don’t try to wing it or fake it. Do your due diligence with tons of research and practice, practice, practice!!! Better to be overprepared than to under deliver. Be original and authentic because every other person is already taken and it’s more difficult being someone else.”

6. Ensure technical functionalities

Of course, make sure everything functions from the practical side. Ensure you are in a quiet place with little or no noise and distraction, so that you can maintain focus. Please check whether all your devices are working including your internet connection.

7. Be on time

Be punctual, and in case you’re running late for some reason, please communicate with the TA Team promptly.

8. Share info about yourself

What’s obvious for you, might not be for others: Learn to present yourself to show us who you really are. Be ready to answer questions about your professional and academic background, strengths, weaknesses, greatest achievements, challenges, salary expectations and so on. Also have a good introductory pitch of yourself and your career in line with the role.

9. Make use of the STAR technique

Think of the STAR technique (Situation, Task, Action and Results) or any other technique that is convenient or works for you when answering case questions. This will help you structure informative and concise narratives and answers.

10. Be polite and open

This should be a given thing but let’s mention it still for completeness: Be polite and respectful in your conversations during the interview and even after the interview with your email correspondence. Regardless of the outcome, this is always in your best interest.

Take tips to practice

According to our values of culture, transparency, and drive, this article aims to give you an informative glimpse into our interview process, so that you can be best prepared when applying for a position at Penta.

Backed up with the ten tips by our experts Collins and Tijana, you were given first-hand information and a proven roadmap to excel in every stage in the hiring procedure. 

Remember, not everything from the above needs to be perfect. We are also tempted to say, most likely will not be. But that’s alright! Just be yourself, prove your skills, and show us how your values fit ours. The rest should be a piece of cake.

Career at Penta and employer branding
Career at Penta and employer branding

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