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Introducing: Our Unique New Client Rewards Program

Oliver October 2019 3 min

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Having a business account should, ideally, come with benefits specifically geared towards helping your business succeed. After all, a financial institution such as Penta is much better off when our clients have all the tools to succeed.

Why We Started our Rewards Program

Quality business banking should be much more than just a place to store money. Here at Penta, we believe in giving value to our customers in any way possible is another aspect of quality banking.

We grow together. We understand that the success and satisfaction of our clients are extremely important for our own growth. Penta started out as a stress-free and less bureaucratic online banking solution for startups and businesses.

What Rewards are Offered?

Today, we are very excited to announce our partnership with AWS and Stripe. Combined together, AWS and Stripe offer many of the B2B services that you might already use.

From payment processing to things like cloud storage and content development, being a Penta customer will really come in handy if you need these sorts of services in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

No Processing Fees Up to 20,000 from Stripe

Transaction processing fees are one of the most frustrating realities of the financial world. After all, it’s your money. You should be able to send your money to who you want without ridiculous fees.

As a Penta customer, you can now make payments up to €20,000 on Stripe without any transaction fees. Simply sign up for a Penta Advanced or Premium plan and you can start kissing those unnecessary transaction fees goodbye.

Get 5,000 on AWS to Grow your Business

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is a huge platform of B2B services. With over 165 different B2B services, just about any type of online business in the world will find a handful of AWS services worth considering.

As a Penta customer, you can even try out this world-renowned B2B for free. The first €5,000 you spend on AWS is on us! In other words, we will give you free investment capital! No other bank we know offers a reward like this!

How to Get Your Penta Rewards

Anybody with an Advanced or Premium Penta business account is eligible to receive the benefits of our new Client Rewards Program. We are also happy to offer these rewards to new Penta customers who don’t yet have an account.

Simply log into your Penta account and click on the “Rewards” button. This will start the activation process. From there, you will receive further instructions from us in your e-mail inbox.

Want to Learn More About Penta Business Accounts?

We think that business bank accounts should be much more than a place for you to manage your finances. They should also be a tool to help your business grow!

For more information on our Client Rewards Program, click here to see further details. If you don’t yet have a Penta account, make sure to check out our Advanced or Premium plans so that you don’t miss out!

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