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Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein December 2017 2 min

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Penta is all about building an extraordinary business bank account that helps your business spend less time banking so that you can focus more on your startup.
But our primarily mission isn’t only to build the best business bank account in the world. Our primary mission at Penta is to create value for founders and business owners. Our goal and everything we do revolves around making your life easier as a startup owner.
That’s why we’ve been doing things like

  1. Writing blog posts on how to that help you get through German and European bureaucracy.
  2. Our social-media content focuses on information, quotes, blog-posts and retweets that brought other startups across the world from Zero to One.
  3. We’re recommending great books that have inspired us.
  4. We’re interviewing startups (some of who are Penta business customers) on our Startup of the Week series to learn from the best.

And without a big announcement (very unlike Penta ☺️), we’ve started hosting Penta Meetups in Berlin a few months ago.
For those of you who haven’t attended one, Penta Meetups aim to help entrepreneurs and founders network, meet investors, and learn from other entrepreneurs. You can check out what we’ve hosted and what we’re hosting in the coming weeks here.
And in just a few months, we’ve been able to amass almost 500 members ! Thank you to everyone who has joined or spoke at one of our Meetups.
So, founders, aspiring entrepeneurs and people of Berlin, if you’re in Berlin and you’re looking to meet some interesting people or if you want to drink a cold beer after work, come stop by one of our Meetups.
We’d love to have you there.
Until next time,
Would you like to host a Meetup with us related to startups, tech, or something that you think the Berlin startup community would find interesting? Send us an email! We love helping founders host meetups. You can also email me at Tweet at me. I respond to every message I get.

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