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Introducing: Team Access — Add Users to your Penta Account!

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein June 2018 2 min

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Team Access is the easiest way to save time banking—as a team. With Team Access, you can issue Penta cards to your coworkers and you can give them account access with limits and permissions.
Here’s what you can do with the first version of Team Access:
1. Invite your team members to get access to the account if they are Legal Representatives. You can also order a MasterCard for them.
2. Make a user an administrator or set individual permissions so that they can:
– Manage users
– Manage their business MasterCards
– Prepare SEPA payments
– Confirm SEPA payments
– Manage business details
– Categorise transactions
In the coming weeks you’ll also be able to:
– Invite other users to use your account like your employees, your accountant or your tax advisor
– Order debit MasterCards for all your employees
– Limit who sees your account balance and transactions
– See when users last logged in
– Filter transactions by users
– Set spending limits for each debit card
How do I get started with Team Access?
Login to your Penta account. Go to the “Administration” section on the left menu, click “Users” and add your Legal Representative. And that’s it! You can now get going with Team Access.
Who can I issue a Penta card to?
In the first version of Team Access, you will be able to issue a MasterCard and give account access to anyone who is a Legal Representative / Managing Director. In future releases of Team Access, you will also be able to issue multiple Penta cards to your employees with various limits and permissions.
Why is Team Access free?
We want to get your feedback in order to learn how we can make Team Access really amazing. In return for your feedback (which is optional of course!), we’re giving you Team Access for free for the first two months.
How much will Team Access cost?
We’re currently deciding on how to charge for Team Access. Have an idea? Email us at we would love to know what you think!
Until next time,
Your Penta Team

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