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Meet Henrik Jondell, Penta’s CTO

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein January 2020 2 min

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In October 2019, Henrik Jondell joined Penta’s management team as our Chief Technology Officer. He is leading our team of software engineers, platform operations and cyber-security professionals across our three locations.

His deep-routed entrepreneurial spirit was one of the key reasons why he joined Penta as Henrik is an entrepreneur himself. 

For almost 6 years, he built up his first company in Sweden, BoldSoft, which was later acquired by Borland Software Corp. Working in a dynamic and agile environment was something he really was looking forward to doubling down on before joining Penta.

In his most recent position before joining Penta, Henrik was the Vice President IT for Arvato Financial Solutions, a subsidiary of Bertelsmann. You may be familiar with some of the products they built, for example the checkout invoice payment functionality for Amazon. His team was in charge of implementing and operating the entire product offering from managing risk to facilitating & collecting payments.

Prior to that, he was CTO for Adra, an industry-leading Financial Corporate Management Platform with several thousands of customers across the globe, acquired by Trintech Inc in 2017. In this position, he was responsible for the distributed product engineering team and launching new products into the market, such as Analytics and a generation of cloud-based SaaS products.

Besides these two roles, he held various other leadership roles at companies with a focus on software engineering and cyber security.

Welcome on board Henrik!

If you want to join Henrik’s team, feel free to apply via careers.

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