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Meet Jeannine Klein, Penta’s Head of Marketing

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein February 2020 2 min

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In December 2019, Jeannine joined the Penta Team as Head of Marketing to re-define the overall Marketing and Brand strategy, as well as further scale Penta’s customer acquisition model.

At Penta, we are on the mission to become the number one brand for both the finance and operational needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). With Jeannine on board,  we will be able to bring our Performance Marketing to the next level while expanding our overall marketing efforts beyond digital.

10 years ago, Jeannine’s adventure with Marketing started with a strong focus on direct response and Performance Marketing. She worked for Groupon, which was still City Deal back then, followed by Zalando, doing customer acquisition for its fashion & lifestyle shopping club Zalando Lounge.

During her career, Jeannine worked in several countries and had the chance to experience various cultures in diverse markets. This exposure allowed her to witness Marketing in very contrasting ways as well as at different stages.

In her most recent role before joining Penta, Jeannine built up the Marketing team at McMakler, which consisted of strong in-house Digital Marketing mix, as well as launched a performance-driven TV campaign on a national scale.

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