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Meet Pedro Bergmann, Penta’s Product Operations Lead

Alina August 2020 3 min

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In June 2020 we warmly welcomed Pedro to the Penta Team in our Berlin office. As Product Operations Lead, he is responsible for driving our product team forward, with particular cross functional emphasis on operation. We are very pleased that we were able to win Pedro with his expertise for our product team at Penta. This will enable us to further ship innovative features in order to offer our customers the best solutions for their corporate finance. 

Pedro came to us with extensive experience and was able to achieve significant progress in just under a quarter of a year. His expertise comes from his previous experience in various international banks and fintechs. Born in Germany and raised in Seattle and Honolulu, Pedro began his career in the wealth management department of First Hawaiian Bank, the largest bank in the state of Hawaii. It was during this time that his interest for the world of fintech was awakened. After some time he decided to leave the traditional banking sector to find his true vocation in the fintech environment. 

“I wanted to focus on something innovative and exciting.” 

It soon became clear that Pedro would have to leave Hawaii to grant his wish, so with a heavy heart he moved to Berlin in early 2018 to start in the digital finance sector. At N26, he took over responsibility for Payment Operations – at this time still as a one-man team – until he finally built up a team of 6+ analysts and led the execution of banking processes related to SEPA and the german market. He also implemented UK payment and Swift processes as N26’s payments landscape began to scale.

Afterwards Pedro moved to a project-oriented role and, together with the Banking Operations management team, he successfully adapted processes for the launch of N26 in the US. Additional projects include N26’s local IBAN implementations in Spain and Italy as well as numerous successful internal and external product initiatives during the company’s hyper-growth phase. Pedro is especially proud of his work with N26 in building a global Banking Operations Hub that serviced both European and US customers efficiently and effectively. 

After many successful projects, we were able to attract Pedro to the world of digital business banking. As the new Product Operations Lead at the Penta Team, he will directly manage the development and optimization of innovative products that support our business customers in all financial topics, allowing them to focus on their business. We thank you very much for your great work, Pedro – with you on board we are developing the future of banking

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