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The Penta MasterCard Design

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein December 2017 3 min
The Business MasterCard
Going out with friends or business partners, the ultimate status symbol was to put a gold or black card on the table – not that one would brag about this, but, hey if you gotta’ pay, you gotta’ pay.
Cards are boring..  
But, no surprise. What was fashionable in the 1990’s isn’t fashionable today. Among people from generation X, Y, or Z there is no desire to hold a golden MasterCard card. It’s neither a big deal nor is it considered special. When I’m in my favourite coffee shop in Berlin, I’ve never looked at people’s MasterCards or ask my friends who they bank with.
Isn’t this quite surprising? Considering the fact that we are living in the age of digital disruption? We revolutionize traditional banking operations, we optimize payment channels, we digitize currencies, but our MasterCards still look really boring….
..but instead, they could be so much more: virality & security
Banks as well as Fintechs haven’t leveraged the viral marketing effects of cards. They look boring, ugly and indistinguishable. Often there is not even a brand message, nor a recognizable factor. The layout of the card as well as its design is just off the shelf.
But it could be so much more: banking cards are something people use on a daily basis, they show it around and it creates awareness. This can create virality and turn people into brand ambassadors.  Like the first users of the iPod: Even if the early adopters did not run around with their iPods in their hands, one would recognize the white Apple earphones immediately. People were walking marketing billboards and part of a special club.
And this is what a few are doing with MasterCards – among them are Monzo with its neon orange card as well as Berlin based Fintech Penta:
The neon green banking card is one of its kind. Besides also using a attention-grabbing colour, our team at Penta also rethought the design of common MasterCard within the market. Instead of a horizontal layout, it is designed vertically: The way it is actually used or inserted into an ATM. Moreover, all information is removed from the front of the card – not only because of the clean design philosophy, but also because of improved security aspects. Personal data is hidden and therefore it is more difficult to copy card details for fraudulent actions: Making the card have both viral and secure characteristics.
And that is why – My Mastercard is cooler than yours.
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