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New Feature: How To Save Time With Penta’s Improved Transaction Filters

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein November 2019 3 min

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In order to successfully stay on top of company spending you need to know what’s going on at all times. As teams and the amount of cards in the company grow, it might get tricky to keep a good overview about what your team is spending company money on.

Our new features for expense management are designed with a simple goal in mind: To save you time (and therefore money), no matter your role.

What’s New For Managing Expenses

Improved Transaction Filtering

There are some big changes: We added a whole lot of new filtering options to the transactions history in order to make it easier to find exactly the transaction you were looking for.

As an accountant or finance team member, how does this help me?

As an accountant you need to stay on top of everything that’s going on regarding company spending. And sometimes employees tend to forget to upload receipts (btw that’s why we introduced these handy reminders about uploading the receipt after a transaction) so you quickly want to see all transactions with missing receipts instead of waiting for the end of the month. With the improved filters you simply set a date range, select the user, the type of transaction, and select “without attachments”.

These settings will show you all outgoing card transactions from last month with missing receipts.

As an employee, how does this feature help me?

While it is our mission to stop the chase of receipts (we now remind you and will soon give you even more ways of attaching receipts with the “Share to Penta” feature), sometimes you need to double check. With the new filters you can quickly check your transactions and see only the ones with missing receipts.

What else is possible with the new filtering options?

Here is list of all the new options:

1. Users

This is for the times when you want to filter transactions based on the user and/or corporate card that made said transaction. With the touch of a button, you can now filter out which user’s transactions you see.

2. Transaction Type

You can now filter to see only card payments, cash withdrawals, scheduled payments, and so on.

3. Incoming vs. Outgoing Transactions

Easily filter incoming and outgoing transactions separately.

4. Amount

Filter transactions based on their total amount. Simply enter the minimum and / or maximum amount.

5. Category

Those who use many different custom categories for their business expenses can now filter transactions based on the category.

6. Attachments

It is necessary to keep proper records of business expenses by holding onto receipts. You can now filter transactions for ones with or without attached documents.

What’s Coming Next?

Easier receipt and invoice sharing

Our “Share to Penta” feature is coming soon and will make it possible to share files from your smartphone directly to the Penta app.

Our open product roadmap

All of our features have one thing in common: They are all built based on the feedback, input and wishes of our customers. Become one of them and join our Product Roadmap on Trello.

Penta is a one-stop solution for simple and stress-free business banking and easy expense management. Log in to your Penta account to try out these new features. And if you are interested in becoming a Penta customer, you can open an account today.

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