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Oliver September 2020 3 min

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Especially when a company’s financial management is becoming increasingly complex and when the number of monthly transactions is hard to keep track of, it is difficult to switch to a new business account. Many companies stay with a bank for many years, even though they are dissatisfied with the range of services offered. The fear about changing an account and the associated tasks or errors is simply too great.

We Help You Move to Simple Business Banking

We want to take away your fears! At Penta you will get advice and help with changing your business account, because we want you to benefit from digital and innovative solutions for your business. Our Penta sales team will help you with all the necessary steps to switch your account.

Your Account Change Requires Care

A complete account change affects all transactions on your business account. This means that regular standing orders and direct debits must be moved. It is therefore a good idea to create an overview of all regular payment partners over the last 13 months so that no weekly, monthly or annual payments are overlooked. On this basis, our sales team will help with the account switch.

Step by Step to a New Penta Account

Our sales team will be at your side while the entire account change process and will advise you on all steps. We explain step by step what to do:

  1. Open a Penta business account for your legal form in 15 minutes.
  2. Book an appointment with our Penta sales team here.
  3. Please provide all the following information about your direct debits so that your payment partners can be informed about the new bank account details:
    – Name of the company (creditor)
    – Your relevant customer, contract, insurance or tax number
    – The data of the old bank from which these companies are currently collecting (IBAN and BIC)
  4. Please give us a list of your standing orders. We will help you with the setup. Your old standing orders must be deleted by your old bank.
  5. With the help of the account termination form you can easily cancel your old bank account. We will be happy to support you with this.

Don’t forget

For SEPA corporate direct debits (SEPA-Firmenlastschriften), we as a financial service provider need the mandate. Please send us an e-mail with the scanned direct debit mandate to

During the account change you should ensure that there are sufficient funds in your new and your new business account with Penta. We also recommend that you wait about three months before canceling your old account, so that all regular payments can be successfully set up and no mistakes can occur.

Our forms will help you to change your account. If you do need assistance, we are always happy to receive your request.

The Change to Penta Is Worth it, We Promise

We not only help you with changing accounts, but also with all financial issues that affect you as an entrepreneur. With our digital business banking platform, we offer your company an innovative business account with many features. With Penta you get additional sub-accounts, multiple debit cards for you and your team, digital expense management, various payment options and the integration of your accounting software. We are constantly looking for new solutions to help your company grow with ideal business banking.

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