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Our First Penta Meetup in Italy

Oliver July 2019 4 min

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As the first set of entrepreneurs begin to fill up the courtyard on Via Alserio 20 in front of the Finleap Offices, we prepared ourselves to welcome our guests in the best possible way.

The day for our first Penta Meetup in Italy finally arrived

For our first Penta Meetup, we invited several members of the startup and small business community in Milan. Our aim was to learn more about the challenges they face and to learn more about their goals. Above all, we wanted to showcase the work we have done in recent months and celebrate the launch of Penta business banking in Italy.

We are convinced that Penta Business Banking can improve the everyday life of any entrepreneur or CFO.

A business account available on iOS, Android, and desktop, with both multiple cards and multiple user access to help your team work efficiently. Accounts also come with expense management, invoices and receipta storage, and convenient international payments. There are also various integration options for invoice management and reconciliation.

We are confident that this is a good starting point. But we don’t want to stop right here with our first judgment. Although we have spent long hours to adapt our product to the needs of Italian companies, our ears remain open.

After growing Penta for over a year in Germany, the first Penta Meetup in Italy was a fundamental opportunity for us to listen to local entrepreneurs and future customers. We wanted to hear doubts they had, receive feedback, and understand the daily experiences and lifestyles of these people. This way, we can continue growing Penta and create the ideal banking solution for each of them.

As we prepared to present Penta with these goals in mind, we began to greet the representatives of the participating companies. To start, we took full advantage of the fresh on-site catering to help mellow out the atmosphere! Fortunately, the mood of the evening was open and positive from the get-go. We then introduced ourselves to everyone and immediately the meetup turned into a perfect networking opportunity for everyone involved.

Then the time came for us to introduce Penta. Bruno, our Head of Product Italy, gathered up all of our guests. After a warm welcome to our event, the presentation began.

Did you miss the Penta Meetup? To receive the slides of our presentation, write us at

At the end of our presentation, Bruno and Giorgio, Marketing Manager Italy,  introduced our Penta Italian team and revealed our objective for the night: invite everybody there to participate in the Alpha Version of Penta, trying the platform for free and sharing feedback and suggestions before the full market launch in Italy in October.

As more and more questions began to arrive, the enthusiasm of our participants was evident: mission accomplished!

Curiosity, enthusiasm and a family-like atmosphere all made our first meetup into a real success. Here’s an amazing summary of this event from Andrea CEO of Piantando.

“Congratulations to all the people at Penta for yesterday’s event. From an outside perspective, it was welcoming, confidential, and inspiring. We are looking forward to contributing to this project and helping it grow.”

Although the temperatures in Milan will continue to rise, we will never stop our work here at Penta to develop the best possible Alpha Version for our first public sign-up, starting in early August 2019.

We want to keep you updated on all the latest Penta news, so be sure to follow us here on our blog for all the latest announcements.

Big thanks to all of our guests who attended the first Penta Meetup in Italy. Follow us on Facebook to learn when our next Penta Meetup will take place!

See you soon,

The Penta Italy team

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