Banking and Insurance: Penta’s Partnership With SIGNAL IDUNA

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Anyone who wants to start their own business with an innovative idea must first take a few precautions. In addition to registering as a business with the tax office, in many cases a business account and the appropriate insurance policies are also necessary.

So that ambitious founders can at least check off the last two matters easily and reliably in the future, Penta will soon be offering them an all-round solution for this–our new partnership with SIGNAL IDUNA makes it possible.

Our new partner SIGNAL IDUNA

The SIGNAL IDUNA Group has its roots in health insurance funds founded by craftspeople and tradespeople in Dortmund and Hamburg over 100 years ago. Today, the SIGNAL IDUNA Group covers the entire spectrum of insurance and financial services for many different industries.

The Group has one of the largest sales networks in the German insurance industry, serving more than twelve million customers and having generated a premium income of almost €6.1 billion in 2020.

Penta and SIGNAL IDUNA: Going beyond banking and insurance

Our new partnership with SIGNAL IDUNA brings Penta a decisive step closer to its goal of a fully comprehensive online banking platform that holistically covers the needs of businesses and self-employed persons.

Markus Pertlwieser, CEO of Penta:

“Today we are taking the next big step in creating the digital platform for the finances of the self-employed and SMEs. The cooperation with SIGNAL IDUNA opens up completely new paths to our target groups and it will further increase the awareness of Penta among German SMEs.”

With this cooperation, Penta and SIGNAL IDUNA are entering into the first digital financial cooperation specifically for German SMEs, which offers attractive benefits to both Penta customers and SIGNAL IDUNA customers.

This is SIGNAL IDUNA’s first cooperation with a neobank. The content of the partnership also includes the insurance group joining Penta as a shareholder in the course of the year.

Torsten Uhlig, Head of Sales at SIGNAL IDUNA:

“In all our considerations, we always focus on increasing the quality of life of our customers. The partnership with Penta helps us to offer businesses in the craft, trade and service sectors even more comprehensive solutions that help these companies to position themselves more digitally and thus more future-proof.”

Pylot service platform: Digitisation of the SME sector

In addition to their broad repertoire of insurance services, our new partner also brings its service platform Pylot into the partnership.

Pylot helps businesses to digitalise their online activities as well as their invoice management and thus to control them professionally.

Selected functions of Pylot will be integrated into Penta’s digital platform offering in the future, so that we can offer our customers an even more comprehensive service for the digitalisation of your company.

The advantages of the partnership between SIGNAL IDUNA and Penta

With the cooperation between Penta and SIGNAL IDUNA, we would like to provide our customers with insurance and consulting services at attractive conditions via the Penta platform in the future.

In the future, Penta customers will be able to holistically insure not only their company, but also themselves directly via a central app against business and private risks, so that they can continue to concentrate on what is really important: the success of their business.

SIGNAL IDUNA and Penta: The next steps

Now that the partnership between our online banking platform and the renowned insurance company has been decided, both companies are working at full speed to make the offers available to customers in a timely manner.

As soon as there is news about the conclusion of insurance policies in the Penta app, we will of course inform you.

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