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Pay contactless with Google Pay & Penta!

We have great news for you: We just launched Google Pay for all customers holding a Penta VISA card!

With this long-awaited mobile payment solution you can now tap to pay online and in-stores – wherever contactless payments are accepted. It’s fast, easy and more secure.

How can I add my VISA card to Google Pay?

Currently, only Penta customers holding a VISA card can use Google Pay (in case you didn’t know, we recently switched from MasterCard to VISA).

If you’d like to switch to a Penta VISA card, you can easily order a new one once you have closed your current MasterCard. 

To add your VISA card to Google Pay, follow these three steps:

  1. Download the Google Pay app on your phone (only for Android).
  2. Open Google Pay and follow the instructions.
  3. Your Penta VISA card is now connected to Google Pay!

Your colleagues are excited as well?

Why don’t you order additional Team Cards for them? Simplify your business expenses and stop sharing your single company card! Attach receipts to your transactions and add notes with helpful information for your accountant. The perfect combination for hassle-free expense management.