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Oliver March 2020 3 min

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At Penta, the security of your account and your card payment deposits is a top priority. We already offer you a comprehensive security package with real-time notifications for a convenient overview of all payments, immediate card blocking via app, VISA cards with individual card limits for your entire team and individual access rights for your employees.

Individual card limits

Did you know that you can provide your employees with their own cards for your business account and set individual limits for each card? Not only it’s easier and more convenient for your employees to pay, but it’s also much safer than sharing a single company card and passing the card details around. In addition, you save a lot of administrative work in accounting, for example, for expense reports. You can easily order additional company cards for your team in your Penta account.

Set Card Limits: Online and Offline

You can define the security of all cards and payments yourself with individual card limits. Every Penta card has an offline card limit for withdrawing cash or paying in stores. The online card limit determines the maximum spending for online payments.

Currently, in the Comfort plan at Penta, you can increase the online card limits of your card or those of your employees up to 40,000 Euro and for offline payments up to 25,000 Euro. If you want to lower these amounts to feel more secure, this is possible at any time in your Penta account. As an administrator, you can edit your own card limit in your Penta account under “My Card” by clicking on the pencil icon. To edit the card limits of other users, navigate to “Users & Cards” and adjust the amounts for the online and offline card limit.

Secure Online Payments With Your Penta Card via 3D-Secure

To make your online card payments even more secure, the European PSD2 directive also requires authentication by two independent factors. The so-called 3D-Secure procedure ensures that you actually intended to make the card payment for online purchases. At Penta you can choose between two methods to approve card payments at some online merchants:

  • In-app push notifications: With this option, you authenticate by owning your smartphone paired with the account and also by entering your fingerprint or password. Then select “Confirm” and the payment will be executed.
  • mobileTAN via SMS: With this method, the authentication is done by the possession of your smartphone and the knowledge of the initiated payment. You receive a 6-digit mobileTAN via SMS and are asked to identify a payment made with the card from a list of transactions.
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What to Do if Card Payments Are Declined?

If a card payment is declined, we ask you to confirm it via app for security reasons. This is to make sure that it is really you who wanted to make the card payment. Please make sure that you have downloaded the latest version of the Penta app for Android or iOS.

The confirmation is done in five simple steps via the app on your smartphone:

  1. Make a card payment online or in store.
  2. You will see a notification prompt to ask if you confirm that you recognize the payment.
  3. Check the payment details and select “Yes, I recognize this payment”.
  4. You will have 30 minutes to retry the payment.

What Happens If You Don’t Recognize the Declined Payment?

If you receive a push notification about a declined card payment, but you don’t recognize the payment, don’t worry! You will additionally have the option to select “I don’t recognize this payment”. We will then take the necessary security measures to keep your funds safe and temporarily block your card. To unblock your card, simply get in touch with our customer support team via

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