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Penta’s vision is to provide freelancers, the self-employed, and companies with a business banking solution that maps all their financial needs 100% digitally in one place. This way, our customers can concentrate on their business—because that’s what really counts.

To achieve this, we rely on our most valuable resource: our people. Penta is proud of all Pentonians who contribute to the success of our company because this translates to success for our customers. Pentonians achieve this with a high level of motivation and outstanding repertoire of skills.

To ensure that not only Penta can grow as a company, but also that our employees have the opportunity to develop themselves and their careers, we recently launched our Penta Academy – a haven of knowledge for all Pentonians.

In this article, our HR Business Partners Angelina and Senka are going to share this milestone with you while demonstrating what makes our Penta Academy so special.

What’s the Penta Academy about?

The Penta Academy is a learning and development programme assisting employees with the opportunity to grow by expanding their existing knowledge and learning new skills. This enables them to continuously develop and reach their full potential.

The Academy offers a variety of training and courses in a variety of forms and formats to help our teams build agile strategies, shape disruptive business models and drive innovation in business banking.

Personal and professional development in harmony

The Penta Academy is not exclusively about developing professional skills. It’s also dedicated to the personal growth of our employees to allow them to constantly face new challenges as individuals and achieve their personal goals.

This creates a synergy between personal and professional growth, because individual development is not only about personal milestones—it also provides sustainable, added value in one’s career.

Whether Pentonians focus more on professional learning resources or on improving their soft skills within the framework of the Academy is completely up to them. There are no limits to learning here.

Senka Ursulov, HR Business Partner:

The Penta Academy is a comprehensive approach designed to ensure that each Pentonian has full support in order to reach their full potential. We wanted to build a system that will enable everyone to become masters of their own future.

The four pillars of the Penta Academy

The Penta Academy’s four pillars assists in offering our employees a comprehensive portfolio of training and development opportunities. Each pillar is dedicated to different areas and differs in terms of its subject and degree of practical application:

Growth & Development

This area is dedicated to developing the professional competencies of individual Pentonians as well as the team and the company as a whole. These competencies can be divided into three sub-areas:

  • Technical Skills (e.g. coding or designing)
  • Penta Capabilities (e.g. strategic thinking, communication)
  • Values & Behaviours (What are Penta’s values and how can I incorporate them in my daily work?)

Personal Growth

In order to be the best for our clients, Penta wants to give the best to its employees. We support our Pentonians in achieving their personal development goals and making learning part of their daily routines.

Individual Growth Plans are designed to help our employees structure their goals, achieve them, and grow with them.

Angelina Bresic, HR Business Partner:

Penta Academy is a milestone in the history of Penta. We really want to give our employees the chance to grow and develop as individuals. By combining a competency model with a personal growth plan and various tools to achieve it, Penta Academy is a unique platform.

The Mentoring Club

Penta is proud to partner with The Mentoring Club.

A non-profit mentoring platform, The Mentoring Club provides employees opportunities to find their own mentors, benefitting from experts in their chosen fields.

Pentonians can also choose to adopt the role of mentor. While improving their own social skills, mentoring Pentonians will offer ambitious and learning-hungry people the chance to grow.


Penta also offers employees a free choice of training programmes and courses to achieve their personal Growth Plan. Penta employees can take advantage of these free of charge via their personal LinkedIn Learning account and thus easily incorporate short learning stages into their daily routine.

Should LinkedIn Learning not be able to offer the right material, each Penta employee has an annual training budget of €1,000, which he or she can use at their own discretion for courses, webinars or trade fairs.

Knowledge as key resource

Knowledge is power – and this is also true of Penta. It is only thanks to the exceptional skills of our employees and their ambitions to develop that we are where we are today as a company.

To ensure that we can continue to grow together in the future, the Penta Academy was created to offer every Pentonian the knowledge that interests him or her and promotes them personally.

Career at Penta and employer branding
Career at Penta and employer branding

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