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Oliver August 2021 Fintech Content Editor 3 min

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Penta has been an international company from the beginning. Not only do our Pentonians come from many different places with different backgrounds, but we have also established office locations in two different countries, Berlin in Germany and Belgrade in Serbia. With this article, we would like to invite you to learn more about our site in Belgrade and the lovely people who work for Penta there.

Let’s start with the city. Belgrade is one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe, a comfortable, exciting, and affordable metropolis. Serbs are usually described by foreigners as the friendliest people they’ve ever met. We can just confirm this! Serbia, in general, is famous for its hospitality and its ability to make anyone feel at home, so everyone can expect to make new friends in Belgrade very fast.

A hotspot for tech startups

The startup scene in Belgrade is huge and still developing. Similar to Berlin, many tech founders and entrepreneurs have settled there in the last decade. It is home to many gaming startups as well as AgriTech and of course FinTech. Over 75,000 people are estimated to work in the Technology sector thanks to excellent skills in Technology. Our Belgrade office is located in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade) which is the central business district of Belgrade and the fastest developing area in town.

Overall, there is a great vibe of community among Belgrade Pentonians. When we are not working hard, you can find us playing chess at the office, talking about cool stuff like creating Penta’s band (yes! As many colleagues play some instruments), preparing for a run or just chilling with the view of Belgrade from the 10th floor of the office and enjoying the great coffee….or even a beer after work.

Our ‘Star Employee’ is Lilli who is in charge of welcoming every visitor and helping people relax during a long day. Our offices are Pet Friendly so you can bring your dog to work, too.

Meet our Belgrade teams

Customer Relations (CRM)

This team takes care of our customers. Helping them to get up and running with their Penta account quickly and solving any issues they have. They’re one of the happiest teams in Penta, and it shows in the high levels of customer satisfaction that they provide.


Belgrade is home to our largest Technology community. The teams work alongside our Product Managers to develop and deliver all of our Products. The team includes engineering, QA, management, security and agile delivery.


Our Finance team takes care of all financial issues related to our Serbian legal entity. There’s a huge range of responsibilities from finance and accounting to making sure our Pentonians get paid on time and accurately.


Our HR team looks after our office and creates a great place to work. We’re really proud of our culture and the HR team works hard to maintain this. We also have a Talent team who help us to find great new Pentonians.

“There’s a great culture in our Belgrade office, it’s a fun and exciting place to work. And we really enjoy showing our Serbian hospitality to visitors from our Berlin office!” – Vasilija Grubic, our Head of Customer Relations (and manager of Lilli).

Join us!

If you’re interested in joining our Belgrade offices we have vacancies in most teams, take a look at our current vacancies or send a CV to

Looking for a passion project and not just a job?

At Penta, you’ll find both.

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