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Penta Business Account Banking App for Smartphones

Oliver May 2020 5 min

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Modern banking has changed beyond all recognition, with online banking and mobile banking apps. Although the role of a bank has not really changed that much, how we interact with it has.

Before modern internet banking, most transactions were made at the branch. If you needed a loan, mortgage, or overdraft, it meant a meeting with the bank manager. These days, most people have no idea who their bank manager is or how his role has changed.

The Penta Business Account offers both online and mobile app banking. Banking on the go has never been easier. 

Open a Penta Business Account today and start enjoying the benefits of Internet banking.

The Difference between Online Banking and a Banking App?

Online banking has been in existence for over 20 years now and began with simple ways of making banking easier. Over the years, these systems have been developed and now allow you to do almost all your banking online. 

With the advent of smartphones, running web browsers and apps, banking has gone mobile. As with online banking, mobile banking apps started with the basics. Now, it is possible to run your account almost entirely from your smartphone using the banking app.

The Penta Banking App is linked to your online account, so you will need to open a Penta Business Account first.

Let’s take a look at the Penta Banking App, how you can access it, and the features it has.

Accessing the Penta Banking App

The Penta Business Banking App can be used on both iPhones and smartphones running the Android operating system. The look and feel of the apps are almost identical, but installation differs slightly.


The Apple iOS version of the Penta banking app is available by visiting the App Store from your home screen. Use the search box to search for Penta Bank. Tap on the name of the app, and then tap on GET, and finally tap on INSTALL. Tap on the app to open it and enter your login details.


The Android version of the Penta banking app is available from the Google Play Store. Search for the Penta app, click on INSTALL and then OPEN. Enter your Penta Bank Account details and start enjoying the freedom of mobile banking.


A range of features is available on the Penta banking app, giving you easy access to your account on the move. The app has all the features you need for day to day business banking, and more are being added all the time.

Fast and Secure Banking App

Penta’s banking app has been built from the very start with security in mind. Full SSL encryption is used for your login details, plus there are options for Face ID and Touch ID. These systems offer excellent security while also simplifying the login process. No need to remember your password to log in!

Easy to use

Of course, a secure site is useless if it’s challenging to use. The Penta banking app interface makes banking on the go as simple as possible.

See your Transactions on the go

Are you waiting for a payment to arrive? Quickly see all your transactions, any place at any time. Wherever you can get a mobile phone signal, you can check your account.

Banking App Push Notifications

Push notifications give you real-time prompts for credits, debits, and canceled payments. Since the Penta Account allows staff members to use debit cards, this a great way of keeping track of expenses. Every time a transaction takes place, you receive a notification.

Mobile Banking App Payments

Making payments is simple in the banking app. It takes just a few taps to set up and authorize payments to any of your beneficiaries or add a new recipient.

Search and Filter Transactions

Need to find a transaction quickly? The search function is comprehensive and straightforward. Search and filter by name, reference number, category, date, or IBAN. 

Assign Categories to your Transactions

Keep your accounts up to date by allocating categories right away. We’ve all been there! Trying to submit our tax returns and the pile of receipts could be for anything. With the Penta Business Account, all transactions can be allocated a category right away, either online or in the banking app. No more scratching your head, wondering if the receipt is for fuel or taking a client to dinner.

Manage your Bank Card on the App

One of the best features of the banking app is being able to control your bank card. Need a new bank card? Order it on the app. When it arrives, use the app to activate it. Forgotten your PIN? You can change it in the app. Have you lost your card? You can freeze and unfreeze the card immediately in the app. If there is a transaction, you don’t recognize on the account, freeze your card and call Penta. As soon as the issue is resolved, you can unfreeze your card and carry on.

Share and Update your Bank Account Info

Using the banking app, you can easily share your account details with a client. This means there’s no chance of making a mistake with the details, and it is just a couple of clicks. Updating your business and personal information on the banking app is a breeze, and means your account is always up to date.

Benefit from all the great features of the Penta banking app by opening a Penta Business Account today.

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