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Penta Fees & Charging – What happened & how we are fixing it

Oliver December 2019 3 min

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Hi all,

Some of you have reached out to us complaining that we had charged you retrospectively for services and products that you didn’t sign up for. We understand why you’re angry (we would be as well) we are aware of this and we sincerely apologize for this. 

Penta’s values consist of Transparency and Clarity. That’s why I am writing to those affected to communicate how we will fix this issue today, and what our plan is for how we’ll prevent such things from happening in the future.


We started to charge some of our customers retrospectively for the subscription plans that we didn’t previously collect. This resulted in an unpleasant surprise for those customers who were supposed to be on a Basic plan but were mistakenly put on a Comfort plan and therefore got billed.

What happened exactly?

In November 2018 we upgraded our customers to a free Comfort account until January 31st, 2019. All customers that didn’t find the time to select one of the three pricing plans, were downgraded to the free Basic plan again at the end of January 2019. 

Unfortunately, due to a technical error on our end, not all customers were downgraded successfully. We apologize for the inconvenience and anger that this may have caused you.

Our Plan To Fix This

We realized that there was an issue, just like many of you who have reached out to us complaining, asking for your money back. 

Therefore, our plan to resolve this is as follows:

  1. We have already begun to reimburse those who have reached out. If you feel that you were mistakenly charged, please reach out to our CRM team at 
  2. In parallel, our team that’s responsible for charging is investigating to see who else was impacted so that we can also reimburse those immediately. We will do this continuously over the next few days and we will continue to reimburse those companies impacted.

How can you check what we have invoiced you for?

  1. Login to Penta, 
  2. Go to the Administration section of the left navigation
  3. Head over to the “Subscription” page. 
  4. There, you can see a list of your invoices and check if they are already “Paid” or still “Pending”.

Our Future Prevention Plan

There’s nothing more important to us at Penta than maintaining a high level of security and your undoubted trust. It’s the key value that has enabled us to serve thousands of you every day and it’s at the core of our mission to grow into the World’s most customer-centric business bank account. That’s why our team has now implemented additional steps and checks when releasing new features in terms of quality assurance and testing, particularly when releasing new updates and features for charging. While our teams do maintain a high level of quality assurance and testing, we’re raising the bar now so that we can fulfill our promise going forward of being your trusted business bank account.

We wouldn’t be here without your trust and we’re working every day to exceed your expectations and the level of trust that you would expect from a financial partner.

If you have any comments, thoughts or questions please feel free to reach out to our dedicated email address which will CC the relevant internal team, so that could address those concerns:

You can find more information regarding invoices and charging in our FAQs here.

Yours truly


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