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Exciting times ahead: Penta Becomes Part of the Finleap Ecosystem!

Jeannine Klein
Jeannine Klein April 2019 2 min

Today, we’d like to announce a big step for Penta. We’ve just been acquired by finleap!

What does that mean?

We are now part of the finleap ecosystem, the No. 1 fintech ecosystem in Europe, and therefore we now have more power, tech know-how and top talents at our disposal than ever before. finleap has successfully built 16 ventures in the fintech and insurtech sector, from digital debt collection up to a BaFin licensed bank (who’s our partner in Germany) and an insurance company. In addition to that, finleap is active in 15 countries and partners with strong players from the financial industry. As part of the finleap ecosystem, we can accelerate the growth of our company like we couldn’t have done it before.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to churn out the features that you all need and love to make your business banking easier than ever before. We’ll work closely with Beesy, a company built by finleap in Milan, Italy. They offer digital banking for micro-business, very similar to Penta! Together, we will be offering our fast and easy business banking to digital companies in the Italian market.

Of course, this is a process and not an overnight sprint. Therefore, dear italian digital companies, we hear you and we will be with you soon – the foundations have been laid, now it’s on us to get our hands dirty.

What does that mean for you, our current partners and users?

First of all, our excellent service in Germany will not change. In fact, it will improve with finleap as our backbone. We are looking forward to lifting Penta to the next step of growth, and of course you will benefit from this.

Stay tuned, stay curious, there’s always more to come.
Interested in following our progress? Check out our Open Product Roadmap to follow our progress, live:
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