Penta People: Meet Nikola Jovanovic, Penta’s Tech Lead Billing & Engineering Manager

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Penta’s employees stand out through their individual skill set, great ambition and diversity. With these values at hand, we want to create a new era of digital business banking that allows our customers to strive with their businesses.

One of these employees is Nikola Jovanovic. Working from our office in Belgrade, Serbia, he acts as Tech Lead Billing & Engineering Manager to ensure that the technical aspects of Penta work properly for our customers at any time.

Get a glimpse of Nikola’s daily work and what he enjoys about being a part of Penta.

How Long Have You Been Working for Penta?

I started back in 2017, being one of the very first developers to join the Penta Team in Belgrade.

After a short break in 2019, I rejoined in December of the same year and since then I’ve been here. In total, it’s been around 3.5 years now.

What’s Your Job About?

Currently, beside (still) being Tech Lead in the Billing Team, I have stepped into the role of the Engineering Manager.

I’m overseeing six teams while making sure they have everything they need to do their work effectively, helping them in decision making and setting up an environment they enjoy being part of.

What’s the Coolest Thing About Your Job? And What’s the Most Challenging?

The coolest thing is the people! For me personally, having so many talented, smart and funny human beings working together is the biggest driver to work at Penta.

Handling multiple teams that are spread all across Europe and making sure they’re happy and productive is currently my biggest challenge. However, any challenge is being resolved easily when you have such a great team around.

Looking for a new challenge? Penta has what you’re searching for.

Which Career Advice Would You Give to Your 14-Year Old Self?

Well, every age has its own specifics, so I wouldn’t really change anything. “Smart” 34-year old me would just ruin all the fun that 14-years old me had back then :)

Do You Rather Save Time or Money?

Definitely time. Money is just a tool and frankly, I’m not really good at saving it. Not that I’m really trying either…

What’s Something Most People Don’t Know About You?

Given that I’m pretty extroverted, there are not many things people don’t know about me. For example, I’m an avid comic book collector, so that might be interesting for someone to know.

If You Could Meet Anyone in the World, Dead or Alive – Who Would It Be and Why?

Leonardo da Vinci and Nikola Tesla – some of the greatest minds of all time. Talking to them would be inimaginable!

Alternatively, Novak Djokovic – probably the best tennis player ever and a very prolific person (who’s also my age, so we’d have a lot of common topics).

What’s the One Thing You Can’t Live Without?

There are actually three things – my family, friends…and coffee.

If You Could Have Any Superpower, What Would It Be?

Not really a superpower but being able to make people happy and smiling. I find it very important to stay positive and happy, especially in these challenging pandemic days.

What Are the Three Words to Describe Penta?

Bold, innovative, different!

If Penta Was a Body and Your Team a Body Part: Which One Would It Be and Why?

Hmm, interesting question. Let’s put it this way: The Product & Business department can be the brain, while the Tech department (to which I belong) is the heart.

We bring all of the ideas to life and connect them with other parts of the organisation.

Others might disagree but we all tend to emphasize the importance of our teams.

Interview Tips for People Who Are Interested in Applying for a Job at Penta?

Be honest and relaxed. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If you’re having a fun time during the interview, you’re already doing great!

Your Last Words Before the Mic Drops?

Spend more time with your loved ones, read good books, go out for a walk more frequently and never look back.

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