New Penta Pricing Plans: Our Three Pricing Models and Flexible Add-ons

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You can now benefit from the optimized Penta pricing plans, which not only offer you much more flexibility due to the add-ons, but also a brand-new pricing plan that is especially valuable for larger companies.

Find out now what new benefits await you—whether you are already one of our loyal customers or would like to become one.

What’s New About the Penta Pricing Plans?

After many discussions with our customers, we have now launched these three new pricing plans at Penta:

  • Starter
  • Comfort
  • Enterprise

The Starter Plan replaces our former Advanced Plan and is ideal for sole proprietors, freelancers and start-ups. The new Comfort Plan replaces the Premium Plan for small and medium-sized enterprises. Both plans essentially don’t change, they are just given new names. Completely new is the Enterprise Plan, with which we aim to offer digital business banking to larger companies.

What’s new for all three pricing plans is that you now have the flexibility to easily add additional services to your plan. We want to grow with your company—and that requires more complex financial solutions.

One thing stays the same

You still have the option to change your pricing plan at any time, despite the flexible add-ons you can book. For example, if your business grows, an upgrade might be more beneficial than your booked add-ons. So, if your finance management changes, you can always adjust it accordingly with Penta.

What Can Be Flexibly Added to the New Penta Pricing Plans?

With the new pricing plans, we focus on one objective in particular: To offer you even more flexibility so that you can adapt your banking to your business in the best possible way. That’s why you can now flexibly add additional functions and services to your pricing plan:

  • Additional users: €2 each
  • Additional VISA debit cards: €2 each
  • Additional sub-accounts: €4 each
  • SEPA direct debit: €0,30 per direct debit

If you have reached the limits of your current Penta pricing plan, you can add options without having to change plans. If you just want to add an additional team member to your Penta business account or if you want to order another Penta card, for example – this can be done with just a few clicks. If you like the benefits of multiple sub-accounts, you can also open extra sub-accounts in addition to your pricing plan.

Now with all pricing plans you can collect SEPA direct debits from your customers and partners. Of course, you only pay per transaction.

The New Enterprise Plan for Larger Companies

Let’s take a detailed look at the brand-new pricing plan at Penta: The Enterprise Plan is designed for larger or growing companies. For example, is your finance team growing rapidly? Great, the Enterprise plan includes up to 15 users and 15 VISA debit cards, as well as up to 600 SEPA transactions per month. Your business account can also be connected to numerous accounting tools—saving your finance team a lot of time and automating accounting. You can see all the features and benefits of the Enterprise Plan here.

Our Customers’ Favorite: Comfort Plan for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises

If you run a small or medium-sized business with a maximum of 300 transactions per month, the Comfort plan is probably the right one for your business. In the most popular Penta price plan, up to 5 Penta debit cards and 5 users are included. If you need more, you can simply book more with the flexible add-ons. Also included in this plan is the integration for your accounting tool, the SEPA direct debit option and many other features for your business banking. Have a look at them in detail here.

The Starter Plan for Sole Proprietors, Freelancers and Start-Ups

You are a sole proprietor, freelancer, or have just started your small business? If so, we recommend the Starter Plan at Penta, which provides you with the basic setup for your business banking: Your digital business account with one additional sub-account, two users and two Penta cards included. Also in the Starter Plan, your Penta business account can be linked to your accounting tool. In addition to 100 SEPA transactions per month and the option to collect or have direct debits collected, you benefit from numerous other digital financial solutions, which you can see here at a glance.

What Changes in My Existing Penta Account?

Don’t worry, if you already have a Penta business account, nothing will change for you. If you are currently using the Starter Plan (previously Advanced Plan), you can now also collect direct debits from your customers—this is indeed new. In addition, the new Penta pricing plans give you even more freedom and flexibility: cards, users, sub-accounts and direct debits can now be added flexibly. You can change the settings at any time if you no longer need the add-ons.

How to Find the Right Penta Pricing Plan for Your Business?

We are pleased that you are evaluating which Penta pricing plan is best for you and your business. We know that growing businesses need growth solutions. Your business needs can change over time and you can adapt by making changes to your Penta business banking whenever you wish – you can change your plan and add or remove add-ons any time.

For individual entrepreneurs and companies that have just started, we recommend the Starter Plan. As your business grows, the Comfort Plan will most likely quickly become the ideal solution, which we recommend to small and medium-sized businesses. With the new Enterprise Plan, we offer you digital business banking tailored to the complex requirements of larger companies.

Whichever plan you choose, you always have the freedom of choice, and now you also have additional flexibility with the add-ons as you need them for your business.

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