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Penta Product Update December

Oliver December 2019 3 min

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A lot has happened recently: We not only started offering our smart business account to Sole Proprietors and Einzelunternehmer, but also partnered up with Sumup to enable our customers to accept offline card payments. 

And on the product side, the whole Penta team has also been working hard to bring you two new features that will make dealing with receipts not only more efficient but also much easier. Here’s a recap of what we have been working on, how it benefits you and what you can expect next.

What’s new for Penta’s Expense Management?

An even easier way to attach receipts

Let’s say you made an online purchase and ended up with a digital receipt in your email inbox instead of a physical receipt. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply send the receipt from your email app or file browser directly into the Penta app?

That’s where our new “Share to Penta” feature for the mobile app comes into play.

Simply select the receipt in your mail app, gallery, or file explorer, click the share button and select the Penta app. This will send the receipt to the app, where you can attach it to a selected transaction.

This feature is available in our mobile app. If you don’t have our app yet or are looking for the latest version, you can download it in the App Store for iOS or on the Google Play Store for Android.

New: Easily export your receipts

It’s easy to get your receipts into Penta, thanks to amazing features like “Share to Penta” or our mobile app reminders. But we also know that it is just as important to be able to get receipts out of Penta and into your accounting software or to your bookkeeper.

That’s why you now have the ability to download all attached receipts directly from the Penta app, so you can hand them over to your accountant or import them directly into your accounting software.

Here’s how it works:

1. Apply filters

Tip: Learn more about how our transaction filters can help you save time & money here.

2. Export

Click on “Export” and select “CSV and attachments” in the pop-up. The receipts will be downloaded in a zipped folder.

3. Content of the folder

Each receipt in the folder has an index number at the beginning of the filename. The number in the filename relates to the number in the new “Index” column in the CSV file.

What’s coming next?

Automatic transfer of attached receipts to DATEV & more

On our mission to eliminate receipts, we will take it one step further and soon offer seamless synchronization of transactions and receipts between Penta and the most popular accounting tools (DATEV anyone?).

Our open product roadmap & changelog

All of our features have one thing in common: They are all built based on the feedback, input and wishes of our customers. Join our Product Roadmap on Trello today. And if you want to stay up to date on our features the moment they are released, check out our Changelog here.

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